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Last Updated: June 9, 2016

When you have been charged with a criminal offense in Florida it is essential that you obtain experienced legal representation. The best attorney is a local attorney. Below we list additional information on specific offenses. To find more information on the the charges you face please click on the offense listed below that best describes your situation.

For DUI, Racing, Suspended Driver's License, and other traffic related issues click Criminal Traffic Defense.

Florida Criminal Offenses; Procedures; Laws

Hiring An Attorney

The hiring of an Attorney to represent you in a criminal case is a very important decision that you must make. Do not rely on advertisements alone. Contact several criminal defense lawyers in the area where you were arrested. Prepare questions to ask and set up a consultation. Make your decision on who to hire an informed decision.

If you have been arrested time is of the essence. The earlier you hire an attorney for your case the better prepared that attorney can be for your defense. Most criminal defense attorneys will have time to see you the week you call.

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