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Florida Pardons; Executive Clemency

Florida Full and Limited Pardons

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Last Updated: August 21, 2016

The Governor has the unfettered discretion to deny clemency at any time, for any reason. The Governor, with the approval of at least two members of the Clemency Board, has the unfettered discretion to grant, at any time, for any reason, the follwing forms of clemency.

Three Types of Pardons in Florida; Differences

Full Pardon

A full pardon unconditionally releases you from punishment and forgives guilt for any Florida conviction. It will restore all of your rights of citizenship you possessed before being convicted including the right to bear arms.

Pardon Without Firearm Authority

A pardon without firearm authority releases you from punishment and forgives guilt. It restores all your rights of citizenship except for the right to bear arms.

Pardon for Misdemeanor

A pardon on a misdemeanor releases you from punishment and forgives guilt. It does not restore any rights because a misdemeanor conviction will not cause you to lose any rights.


In order to apply you must have:

  • Completed all sentences imposed for most recent felony conviction.
  • Completed all supervision requirements and supervision is over/ended.
  • Ten (10) years must have passed since the end of supervision/sentence.

Additionally, you cannot have:

  • Any outstanding detainers.
  • Any pecuniary penalties or liabilities that total more than $1,000 resulting from a criminal or traffic infraction.
  • Any outstanding victim restitution.

Additionally, it is always good to have some way of showing the board that you have made changes for the better. We can discuss these things when you decide to hire us to represent you.

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