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Last Updated: May 26, 2016

Many people think they only have 2 options when they get a ticket; pay it or take traffic school. However, you can also ask for a hearing. Many people do this every day. There are benefits to taking your ticket to a hearing and we can help. Check out our reviews.

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1. Never Just Pay The Ticket

If you just pay the traffic ticket without electing a hearing or traffic school you will be assessed points. Points lead to:

  • Higher Insurance Rates.
  • Driver's License Suspensions.

How to check to see if your driver's license is suspended.

2. Elect A Driving School

Florida law allows you to elect a driving school once every 12 months up to five times. Reasons you may not be eligible for traffic school:

  • You have elected driving school fives times.
  • You elected driving school within the last 12-months.
  • You have a Commercial Drivers License.
  • The citation requires a mandatory court appearance.

Elect a traffic school if you can. The Clerk will make you pay for the ticket immediately and will give you 90 days to complete the school and provide a copy of the certificate to the clerk's office.

3. Hire a Traffic Lawyer - Elect a Traffic Hearing

If you elect a hearing I would strongly suggest that you hire a traffic lawyer to represent you. In fact, don't bother electing the hearing - when you hire us we will do everything for you.

You should elect a hearing (Hire Us) if you cannot take the driving school option and:

I do not advocate that you elect a hearing without hiring an attorney to represent you. However, you can make the election on your own and hire a lawyer before the hearing.

4. Think You Are Too Late To Fight Your Ticket - You're Probably Wrong

Even if you are past 30-days since you received the ticket, odds are we can still help. contact us for more information.

BY HIRING OUR OFFICE you will save the time spent:

  • Contacting the Clerk of Court.
  • Electing a hearing.
  • Going to the hearing.
  • Dealing with continuances and delays.
  • Preparing your case.

The Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

Want to just have someone else deal with it? A traffic lawyer can do everything. They can make the election for a hearing, go to court, deal with delays, bring the knowledge of the law, and in most cases you never have to appear in court. Find out more about the Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer here.

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