How To Expunge A Criminal Record In Florida

Many people would like to seal or expunge their arrest record in Florida but either the cost was prohibitive and/or the requirements are too confusing. Well, not any more. Hopefully, this post helps all those who want this done. Expunge your record!

Starting Your Expungement

For the non-lawyer trying to save a buck or two, expunging a criminal record will initially sound easy. The first “easy” sound regarding how to expunge your record usually comes from another non-lawyer such as a clerk at the courthouse.

Years ago FDLE would provide expunge “packets” to the Clerk’s Office to hand out to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. There were pre-approved fingerprint cards and applications back then – don’t try creating a merge application back then because it would not be accepted. The non-lawyer would ask the clerk if she knew anything about expunging a record and the clerk would hand over the packet and add “you don’t need an attorney for that.”

Today, it is seemingly much easier. FDLE has put everything online. No longer do you have to ask someone for them to tell you about a mysterious packet – just Google it. FDLE has the entire mystery packet online and you can print out everything FDLE has on there website.

Getting Help Without Paying An Attorney

You are going to need help when you try to expunge your record.

  • Forget the clerk that told you that you did not need a lawyer. She can’t give out legal advice.
  • And FDLE’s website download includes instructions for obtaining the “Certificate of Eligibility,” but that’s all.

Getting the certificate is doable but once you have it, you still have to petition the court. How do you write a petition? What other documents and affidavits do you need? Who must you serve notice to? How do I file the petition? Who do I send the order to?

erase your record - book title

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Expunge Your Record Problem Solved

Today, there is a lot of information on the web about expunging or sealing your own record. Unfortunately, none of it is very well tied together. So I wrote a book to do just that. It is a step by step book for those people who want to seal or expunge that one mistake that is holding them back.

It answers all those questions, provides sample forms, helpful websites, and much more. It takes you one step at a time, every step of the way to seal or expunge your record.

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