Has The Bureaucracy Killed Justice?

I am a low life bottom sucking criminal defense lawyer. I help the bad people escape justice and put victims on trial. Or so that is how people lucky enough to never have been royally screwed by the government feel. “No worries,” I tell myself, “just give it some time.”
The same people that think criminal lawyers are scum also have the common disdain that we all share for the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, commonly known as the “DMV.” No one likes to deal with the DMV because, let’s face it – they suck. The DMV does not care about efficiency, your time, getting anything done correctly, or the safety of motorists. All they care about is crossing their “Ts” and dotting their “Is.” They only know one thing “bureaucracy.”
Unfortunately, the DMV’s bureaucracy is designed to do only one thing well – suspend our driving privileges. They don’t care about how we will get to work, feed our families, keep our job, go to school, etc. for the true believers, this is where you can say “well, you shouldn’t have screwed up.” Oh, if it were so simple.
The DMV is a well oiled machine when it comes to taking your drivers license away. Forget to pay the only ticket you ever received in your life and you will efficiently receive a letter from the DMV within 10 days. Fix your mistake and try and get your license back, well … that is a different story. And while the DMV checks their books and double checks the computer calibration your job, school, groceries, are all suppose to be out on hold.
When we cannot take the delay, when we have to go to work, have to go to school, have to provide for our families, without a drivers license be sure to remember that we are committing a crime. We can go to jail. We can lose everything because we are “suppose” to wait for the DMV.
Then lets not forget the criminal justice system. The unwitting partner in this disaster. The system that “understands” and resolves your crime with just a fine and some costs. The pat on the head to make you feel good as you walk out the door free again. Thanks system!
It’s only a few days later that the DMV send you the letter that your little mistake has now caused a major fuss up in Tallahassee. Now the DMV must suspend your license for 5-years. It is for the good of all. Remember you drive to provide for your family when they had not told you that you could. You’ve don’t that 3 times they see and that makes us a very dangerous driver. Forget the fact that you maintain the highest level of insurance on your vehicles – you are a menace. Drive now and they will slap a felony on your a**!
The economy is down, your debts are up, you have two kids, you have to drive to get to work, your elderly mother needs medicine, – none of that matters. We broke the DMV rules and that rulebook says “drivers license suspension.” That’s life. That’s justice. That’s bureaucracy.

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