A Quick Break Down of the New Red Light Camera Law

Red light camera system at the Springfield, Oh...


People are a little confused…


…about the new red light camera law that went into effect on July 1, 2013. I will try to break it down so that it is understandable.


After July 1, 2013, if you violate a red light camera intersection the first thing you will get is a “Notice of Violation.” This continues to not be a ticket. It is simply a slime-ball company (that has paid millions to politicians to propagate this legislation and reduce the yellow light times all in the name of “safety”) asking you to pay them a lot of money so that they don’t issue you a ticket. What has changed is the following:


  • The time to pay the “Notice” money has been extended from 30 to 60 days.
  • You can now challenge the “Notice” before it becomes a citation in a made up Kangaroo Court where the rules of evidence don’t apply.
    • Don’t do this or, if you do, don’t call me to represent you.
    • You will be found guilty and they can add up to $250 in administrative fees on top of the $158.
    • If you are found guilty and do not pay the fine and admin fees they will place a hold on your vehicle registration.


If you wait-out the 60 days and do not pay the $158 and you do not foolishly challenge the “Notice” then the municipality can issue you a citation. This is a ticket. The fine amount is still $262. You can still challenge this ticket in a “real” court where evidentiary rules still apply. If you get a citation – this is when you can call me. I represent people for any Orange County red light camera citations.


What You May Have Heard But Could Not Rationally Comprehend


Yes, indeed. Our elected officials – politicians to the core – did indeed have the yellow light times reduced in 2011 in an effort to make more money off of these red light cameras. When confronted with these revelations they squirmed and lied and then proclaimed that they will lengthen the yellow times (not to what they were) in order to help elderly drivers who have slower reaction times. Yes, these people have no shame. Oh yeah, projected time for the yellow lights to be lengthened – not till the end of 2014.


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