A Quick Post About Expungements and Sealings: READ

After people are done sealing or expunging a criminal arrest record they are often perplexed why their record keeps showing up on background checks. The answer is always “those are private companies and they are not sent a copy of the order.” Inevitably, my clients want to know how to remove their records from these private background check companies.
The answer use to be that you would have to pay someone to do this. However, I have just found out there is a non-profit law firm out there helping people do this for free.
The Foundation for Continuing Justice (FFCJ) is a privately funded, non-profit law firm dedicated to providing those with a criminal record, the opportunity to reenter and reintegrate into society as productive individuals. The Foundation has two areas of focus. First, providing free legal research to lawmakers looking to reform laws that govern the retention and distribution of criminal records. Second, providing innovative tools to help former offenders.
I am advising all my clients – past, present, and future – to utilize this service and please let me know how it goes. Hopefully, this is the service we have all been looking for.

Thank you,

Eric Dirga

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