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The Do-It-Yourself Florida Record Expungement Book

I have been sealing and expunging Florida criminal records for over twenty years. I have always tried to provide a good service at a reasonable price. I know that what I do is not rocket science (seal or expunge). I also know that, for me, sealing or expunging a record has become very easy because of repetition. I have sealed or expunged so many records that the process has been burned into my memory.

The Do-It-Yourself Person; No Lawyer Required

One of the things that concerned me was all the confusing information on the web that led so many do-it-yourself people into trouble. A simple search reveals information from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement [FDLE], many Clerk of Court websites, and even some State Attorney websites that purport to provide information to help you seal or expunge your record.

Non-Lawyer Websites Are Helpful But Can Be Confusing

Some of these sites provide good information. For example, some Clerk of Court websites actually provide “approved” forms – saving people the headache of having to create them with a word processor. Some just provide links to FDLE’s website.

Misleading Limited Information

The concern is that by providing some information, a person trying to seal or expunge their own record may think that they can talk to someone from the Clerk’s Office and obtain more useful information and answers to their questions. This is a big problem and a big mistake. First, personnel working for the Clerk of Court cannot give legal advice. Only licensed attorneys can give legal advice. Despite this, people receive legal advice from these entities and, in my experience, it has always been bad.

My Example of Misadvice

I was recently told that I could not seal an arrest by the clerk who answered the phone when I called. I did not even ask the clerk a direct question but was freely told it couldn’t be done. He was absolutely wrong. It didn’t bother me because I knew the law and that was not the reason for my call. However, I thought about the person who calls that is trying to seal or expunge their own record. Someone in that position could hear this and simply give up.

There Should Be A Book To Help People

erase your record - book title

In 2018 I wrote a book to specifically help people who were trying to expunge or seal their own Florida record. It was inspired by the fact that I knew a lot of people were doing this and I was often hired to help them finish the project. Now, people in this situation (and those just beginning) can simply buy this book and follow the step-by step guide to completion.

Seal or Expunge Single Misdemeanor Arrest

It is written from the perspective of a person with a single misdemeanor arrest. It can be helpful for people with multiple arrests or a felony arrest however I encourage those people to first consult with a lawyer first.

Cheap, Helpful, and Bailout Information

The book is relatively cheap, is filled with helpful information, and – if the going gets too tough – it has useful “bailout” information to help you decide if it is time to talk to a lawyer. This is not rocket science and no one should be fooled into paying too much for this service – especially when, with a little effort and determination, you can probably do this yourself.

Eric J. Dirga, P.A.

Attorney Eric J. Dirga has been sealing and expunging criminal arrest records since the late ’90s. He has provided this service to hundreds of people and continues to help people clear their record. He is available as a speaker and will talk to anyone who will listen about the importance of putting a youthful mistake in the past for a better tomorrow.

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