Category: Florida Expungement Law

Effect of Sealed/Expunged Record and the FCIC/NCIC

expungements and sealings and the NCIC and FCIC

Question: Does my record still show up on the NCIC database after it has been expunged or sealed? This is a question many potential clients ask. This is usually when the potential client is trying to fix one of the…

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Expunging or Sealing Multiple Arrests

Many people who seek to have their criminal history expunged or sealed have multiple arrests. Most want to expunge or seal all of their arrests. In this post I will review the case law that relates to the subsection (4)(c)…

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Discretion of the Court: The Standard of Review for Expungements and Sealings

A Court’s discretion on whether to grant or deny a petition to expunge or seal a criminal arrest record has been a confusing topic and has had many appellate decisions written about it. The confusion stems from a sentence within…

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Florida Expungements and Predicate Sexual Offenses

In 2007 additional language was added to Florida’s expungement and sealing statutes that prohibited all sexually motivate offenses from qualification.

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