criminal charges

Criminal Charges Defended

I represent people accused of committing crimes. I handle all misdemeanors and felonies. The below listed criminal charges and criminal traffic charges are just a few of the type of cases I focus on.

All arrests are serious. Today, due to the internet, a criminal charge – no matter how minor – can cause a lifetime of repercussions if not handled correctly. It is extremely important to hire an experienced lawyer that understands how an arrest can affect your future.

My office and practice area is in Central Florida. I represent people in the following counties: Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Brevard, Volusia. Contact me if you are outside that area. I may be able to help you.

Defending the Following Criminal Charges

Below are the typical criminal traffic charges for which I represent people. Criminal traffic charges are different from non-traffic criminal offenses in several ways. Two of the most important distinctions are A) law enforcement creates the charging document, and B) collateral consequences that affect your driving privilege. Almost all traffic crimes can affect your driver’s license status (some non-traffic charges can also, like theft and graffiti related charges). Because of these factors, all traffic charges should be taken very seriously.

Never Just Pay A Fine – If Offered

Some offenses now allow you to skip the legal process and simply pay a set fine. This may seem very convenient and an easy way to resolve the case but don’t do it before consulting with a criminal defense lawyer. Just paying the fine usually results in the court adjudicating you guilty of the offense. This is call a “conviction” and it will never come off your criminal record.

How to Avoid a Conviction

Avoiding a conviction depends on several factors. First, the resolution of the case must be either 1) a dismissal of the charges or 2) the court must “withhold” the adjudication of guilt. The second concerns your past history. If you have a long history of being arrested for criminal offenses, the court will be less likely to withhold the adjudication of guilt.

Avoiding the Conviction May Allow You to Expunge or Seal the Arrest record

The resolution of any arrest should ultimately be the sealing or expungement of the criminal arrest record. All arrests and everything that flows from the arrest related to the criminal justice system is a public record. Private companies buy public records. Moreover, the general public can access public records over the internet. By expunging or sealing the arrest record you will make that record a non-public record. It will no longer be sold and will no longer be accessible by the public.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Lawyer

Not all lawyers understand the full implications an arrest can have on a person’s life. A lawyer that understands the defenses to the crime and the correct resolution will allow you to remove the arrest from the public record. I understand this aspect of the law thoroughly. Contact me for more information.

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