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I have listed below links to more specific information regarding expungement and sealing of criminal records in Florida. It is important to understand first whether or not you qualify for an expungement or sealing of your criminal record before you hire a lawyer.

Expungements Generally

What Is A Florida Record Expungement or Sealing. Learn what is a Florida criminal record expungement or sealing.

What Is The Difference Between Sealing And Expunging Your Record. Before you can choose between sealing your criminal record and expunging it, you have to know the difference between each. An expungement and sealing are very similar but you should know the differences.

Other Types of Expungements and Issues

Juvenile Record Expungements. Protect your child from the Information Age. A one-time mistake should go away.

Correcting Errors on Your Record. It may be that your criminal record has an error on it. These should be fixed.

Administrative Expungements. These are difficult. The procedures are not well defined and law enforcement is generally obstructionist. But that does not mean impossible. Be ready for a long fight.

Record Expungements In States Other Than Florida. I am now combining the “Seal and Expunge” website with this one and listing qualified expungement attorneys in other states.

Benefits and Do You Need A Lawyer

Benefits Of Expunging or Sealing Your Florida Record. Why you should expunge your criminal record and the many benefits you have when you do.

Do You Need A Florida Expungement Lawyer. If you qualify you have to decide if you want to hire a record expungement lawyer. Find out why it may be a good idea.

Legal Fees For An Expungement of Your Florida Record. Lawyers, like most people, do not work for free. See how affordable we are to help seal or expunge your criminal record.

Qualifying For An Expungement or Sealing

Do You Qualify To Seal Or Expunge Your Criminal Record. This should be the first place you should look. Do you qualify to have your record either sealed or expunged? Find out if you do.

How To Get Your Background Check Done. Knowing what your criminal history reports will aid you in determining if you can expunge or seal your Florida criminal record.

Were You Convicted Or Did You Have The Adjudication Withheld; The Differences. It is important to know what your disposition says. The difference between being adjudicated guilty (convicted) and having the adjudication withheld is the difference between qualifying and not qualifying to have your record sealed or expunged.

Is Your Charge Prohibited From Sealing. Not all charges that have had the adjudication withheld are eligible to have the criminal record sealed. Find out which charges cannot be sealed.

Start Your Expungement/Sealing

Get started in the process of sealing or expunging your record. Click or touch the link and fill out the form on the new page. I will send you an informative email and a worksheet to fill out to start the process. I always double-check to make sure you qualify before you hire me.

Florida Expungement Packet. I provide you with a complete, pre-filled out packet that contains all the specific information concerning your case.

After Your Criminal Record Is Expunged Or Sealed

After Your Florida Record Has Been Sealed Or Expunged. Once you have completed the process of sealing or expunging your Florida criminal record there are some things you can do to maximize the benefits.

What Are The Exceptions To Non-Disclosure of Your Florida Record. Once sealed or expunged, who gets to see your criminal record? There are exceptions and you need know them. Find out the exceptions to this great benefit.


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