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Seal and Expungement Links

This is a resource page with expungement links to many different sites with information regarding Florida expungement and sealing of criminal records. This is made available for anyone that would like an easy one page place to search for information regarding this topic. Enjoy.

Useful Links for Florida Sealing and Expungement Information

Below I have categorized my list of expungement links to, what I consider, helpful websites when it comes to sealing or expunging your criminal arrest record. I encourage anyone that a) finds an error, b) finds an omitted website, or c) has some helpful advice – to contact me and pass on your information. I will definitely consider any suggestions.

County Clerk of Court Helpful Expungement Links

These expungement links are from the Clerk’s of Court of different Florida Counties. My search of the sites revealed that some have helpful information on their respective sites, including approved forms and orders.

Alachua Countyhttp://www.alachuacounty.us/Depts/Clerk/Pages/Forms.aspx (Petition and affidavit forms.)

Brevard County: http://www.brevardclerk.us/index.cfm/criminal-court-forms (links to form petition, affidavit, notice of hearing, and proposed order for sealing or expunging record.)

Duval County: http://www2.duvalclerk.com/departments/felony/ (Listing some information about the process. No forms or links.)

Flagler County: https://flaglerclerk.com/forms/ (Links to approved seal or expunge forms.)

Franklin County: http://www.franklinclerk.com/?s=expunge (Links to expungement and sealing forms.)

Hardee County: http://www.hardeeclerk.com/?ls=80 (Information regarding the expunge/sealing process and links to FDLE’s website.)

Hernando County: http://hernandoclerk.com/criminal-courts (Contains information regarding the process of sealing or expunging your record. At the bottom of the page a link “View Forms and Documents” takes you to approved petition, affidavit, and proposed order to seal and expunge.)

Hillsborough County: http://www.hillsclerk.com/Court-Services/Expungement-and-Sealing (Information and links to help you seal or expunge your record.)

Jefferson County: http://jeffersonclerk.com/p/court-information/felony.aspx (You must scroll down the page. Information is scant.)

Lake County: http://www.lakecountyclerk.org/documents_and_forms/self_help_forms.aspx (Located under “self-help forms” – a .pdf with forms and useful information.)

Lee County: http://www.leeclerk.org/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={B270B1BA-3535-4C2C-950F-C2F7BFCB143E} (Information and links to useful information and forms.)

Leon County: https://cvweb.clerk.leon.fl.us/public/login.asp (Located about half-way down this page are multiple links to different forms and information.)

Manatee County: http://www.manateeclerk.com/GeneralInfo/FormsOnline.aspx (Under the heading “criminal” about a third of the way down the page. A link to instructions and forms.)

Marion County: https://www.marioncountyclerk.org/sealingexpunging (Not really that much information with a link to FDLE’s website.)

Miami-Dade County: http://www.miami-dadeclerk.com/courts_criminal_sealing.asp (Has information and a lot of links to approved forms.)

Monroe County: https://gov.kofiletech.us/FL-Monroe/Criminal/coCriminalFAQ.html#record (Found under the “frequently asked questions” link – either click on the question about expunging or scroll down until you come across the information.)

Okaloosa County: https://clerkapps.okaloosaclerk.com/selfhelp/packages/ (Links to the old form seal expunge packet – I would avoid and use FDLE’s website.)

Orange County: https://www.myorangeclerk.com/Divisions/Criminal?pagesection=Sealing%20and%20Expungement (Brief and to the point. A little info. Link to FDLE’s website.)

Osceola County: https://www.osceolaclerk.com/Content/Forms/Expunge_or_Seal_Criminal_Record_packet.pdf (PDF instructions and approved forms.)

Palm Beach County: http://www.mypalmbeachclerk.com/seal_expunge.aspx (Information and link.)

Pasco County: http://www.pascoclerk.com/public-courts-criminal.asp (A link containing information and information on attorney referral service.)

Pinellas Countyhttps://www.pinellasclerk.org/aspInclude2/ASPInclude.asp?pagename=sealexp.htm (Guidelines to sealing or expunging record.)

Polk County: http://www.polkcountyclerk.net/Expunging-a-Record/ (No forms but some information.)

St. Johns County: http://www.sjccoc.us/courts/criminal/seal-expunge/ (Information and useful links to statutes and rules.)

Sarasota County: http://www.sarasotaclerk.com/how-do-i/print/forms (Scroll down the page to “Criminal Forms.” Links to instructions and approved petition, affidavit, and order.)

All Clerk of Court Websiteshttp://dos.myflorida.com/library-archives/research/florida-information/government/local-resources/clerks-of-county-courts/

State of Florida Expungement Links

These expungement links go to state agencies websites I have found useful.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (Seal/Expunge Page)http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/Seal-and-Expunge-Process/Seal-and-Expunge-Home.aspx

Florida Attorney General Opinionshttp://myfloridalegal.com/ago.nsf/Opinions

Florida Courts Websitehttp://www.flcourts.org/

Florida Administrative Codehttps://www.flrules.org/

Prosecuting Attorneys Association | Contacthttps://www.yourfpaa.org/public-information/state-attorneys

Florida Online Statuteshttp://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/

State Attorney Office Links

Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Officehttps://miamisao.com/pdfs/sealing_record_08.pdf

Orange/Osceola County State Attorney’s Office: http://www.sao9.net/seal-and-expunge/

Duval County State Attorney’s Officehttp://www.sao4th.com/resources/for-the-public/sealing-or-expunging-a-criminal-record/

Miscellaneous Seal/Expunge Links

Papillon Foundationhttp://www.papillonfoundation.org/


If you have found other sites that you believe should be mentioned here please contact me with the information. Thank you.

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