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F.D.L.E. Background Check; Florida Only

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement [F.D.L.E.] provides a reasonably accessible and official criminal background check only for Florida. A criminal background check through FDLE can be obtained on their website. This only provides information for Florida arrests and should not be used if you think you have been arrested in another state. Cost $24.

F.D.L.E. Background Check; Florida and National

FDLE also provides a national background check. It is found at the same link as the one listed above for Florida Only criminal histories. They do not provide a price but I suggest that if you can’t remember all the places you have been arrested, you will want to run this background check. Once you have the results you can send it to me and I will let you know if you qualify.


Many people believe that lawyers have unlimited access to thorough background checks. This is not true. Attorneys can log on to additional information provided by certain Clerks of Court but this is far from a background evaluation to determine your eligibility to expunge or seal your record.

Like everyone else, we must pay for a service and from there make any required inquiries from the courts that are necessary. This takes time and money. We try to be as thorough with our expungement qualification evaluation as possible while at the same time be convenient for you. If you do not run a criminal history, as suggested above, I will make a determination on your qualification based on the information you have provided and any information I can find through Clerk of Court free online services.

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