Correcting Erroneous F.D.L.E Criminal Records

Fix Your Inaccurate Criminal Records

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The Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains records of all arrests that occur within Florida. A mistake on your criminal history, such as the absence of the disposition, can cause harm to you in many ways. These mistakes and omissions can be corrected.

Erroneous Criminal Records

People with common names may have criminal histories that reflect someone else’s behavior. A person may have stolen another person’s identity which caused erroneous information to be placed on the wrong criminal history.

Inaccurate Criminal Records

Your arrest history may reflect the wrong charges or the wrong disposition. This can lead people to believe that you committed a more serious offense or that you were convicted of an offense that may have actually been dropped.

Omissions Within Criminal Histories

The truth is necessary for anyone who is looking at your background. A criminal history that shows an arrest for what is perceived as a serious offense may fail to show that the official charges were significantly less. The lack of a disposition will also allow others’ imagination to fill in the blanks.

Correcting Your Criminal History

When you find a mistake within the records of Florida Department of Law Enforcement you should move quickly to fix the situation. The longer it sits there the more companies have access to it. They, in turn, create more inaccurate records. These can and should be corrected.

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