Seal or Expunge: Getting Started

The Initial Information

Statewide Representation

I make it as easy as possible for you to get started either expunging or sealing your criminal arrest record.

I just need some initial information. Below I have a form you can fill out and submit. I will receive the information and contact you. If you do not know the information or do not feel comfortable submitting it on the form – that is not a problem. Submit what you can remember or what you feel comfortable with and we can talk on the phone to figure out the rest.

PLEASE FILL OUT WHAT YOU REMEMBER: By submitting the information below I can start the evaluation process to see what I can do for you. This is only the first step. I will use this information to ensure you qualify before you hire me. Once you submit the information I will be contacting you via email initially.

Once you have submitted your information we will contact you within 24 hours excluding weekends, holidays, and vacations.

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