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Florida Record Expungement

Florida Record Expungement and Sealing Representation. We can represent You and expunge or seal your criminal arrest record!

You Have A Criminal Record If You Have Ever:

  • been arrested (or received a Notice to Appear)?
  • gone to court and had all criminal charges against you dropped?
  • been accused of a crime but nothing came of it?
  • been found guilty and had the Adjudication of Guilt “Withheld?”

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you probably have a criminal record.

A criminal record is:

  • Embarrassing,
  • Can keep you from living where you want to live,
  • Can keep you from getting the job where you want to work, and
  • Can keep you from obtaining the opportunities in life.

If you were arrested in Florida, the law allows you to seal or expunge your arrest record upon qualifying.

Expunge or Seal Your Criminal Record – We Can Help

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Florida Record Expungement and Sealing

Below are links [⚖] to specific information regarding Florida criminal record expungements and sealings, and our services and representation.

⚖ What Is A Florida Record Expungement or Sealing

Find out information about what a Florida criminal record expungement or sealing is, their differences, and how they can help you move on from a past mistake. Also learn about what a conviction is in Florida – it is not always the same as being found guilty – and other commonly asked questions.

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Qualifying for a Florida Record Expungement

Find out if you qualify for a Florida record expungement or sealing first!

⚖ Do You Qualify To Seal Or Expunge Your Criminal Record

Before you spend a dime to expunge or seal your Florida record, you need to know if you qualify. Determining if you qualify to expunge or seal your arrest record is as simple as asking yourself three questions. Learn what charges can and cannot be sealed. And find out where to go to run a criminal history on yourself.

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Starting Your Florida Record Expungement

Getting started with your Florida record expungement or sealing is easy and inexpensive.

⚖ Get started in the process of sealing or expunging your record

Learn about the benefits of expunging and sealing your arrest record. Find out if you want to hire a lawyer or try and do-it-yourself. Understand the costs involved and what our legal fees are from the beginning all the way to the end.

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⚖ Specific Information on Where You Were Arrested

We provide Statewide representation for arrest record expungements and sealings. Over the years we have realized that each county has its quirks. We provide a list of counties, broken up into their districts and circuits, providing specific information regarding each. This is an ongoing process and we have not completed all of the countys yet.

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Other Types of Record Clearing and Issues

There are other things that you can do to address the problems with your criminal record.

⚖ Other Options to Clear Your Record

Other ways to clear or correct your records. Find out about special juvenile expungement options. These can be time sensitive, so don’t wait. Learn about correcting errors in your criminal record that can cause problems. Understand how a mistaken arrest can be administratively expunged. What if your arrest occurred outside of Florida? Need an attorney in another State? We can help. What about DUI and Domestic Violence arrests – can they be expunged?

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⚖ Record Expungements In States Other Than Florida

If you have an arrest in another State, you may be eligible to have that arrest expunged! Expunging an out-of-state arrest may make you eligible to expunge an arrest here in Florida! Find a local attorney in the State where you were arrested to help you seal or expunge your record in that state.

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After Your Criminal Record Is Expunged

To take full advantage of the law’s protections, you still have a few things to do after your record has been sealed or expunged.

⚖ After Your Florida Record Has Been Sealed Or Expunged

Once you have completed the process of sealing or expunging your Florida criminal record there are some things you can do to maximize the benefits. Remember, expunging your record is the first step. Now you have to take advantage of it.

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⚖ Florida Legal Information About Expungements and Sealings

Florida statutes, administrative code, and case law regarding the expunging and sealing of criminal records.

Additional Information Regarding Arrest Records

Check out our blog posts. Most concern expungements and sealings. Some of the topics we have posted about include teaching with a record, level 1 and level 2 background checks, the history of the law, and more. You can search for specific keywords in the search function at the top of the page.