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Florida Record Expungement Attorney

If you have been having difficulties finding a job, being accepted by an apartment complex, getting promoted, or you are simply tired of being reminded of a long past mistake, a Florida criminal record expungement may be the answer. I have been representing people for criminal record expungements for over 20 years. I have helped over a thousand people obtain expunged or sealed records and they have moved on with a second shot at success.

This is what I will do for you:

  • Check if you qualify for free.
  • Prepare all paperwork.
  • Represent you before The Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
  • Represent you before the State Attorney’s Office.
  • Represent you before the Court.
  • File all paperwork.
  • Answer all of your questions.
  • Get the job done!

Whether You Live Here, Just Visited, or Moved…

Whether you still live in the state, moved out-of-state, or were just visiting, I can expunge your arrest. Adult, juvenile, man, woman, felony, or misdemeanor – it doesn’t matter. A Florida record expungement is the best option when trying to move past a criminal mistake.

Your Florida Criminal Record

You have a criminal record if you have ever:

  • been arrested (or received a Notice to Appear).
  • gone to court and had all criminal charges against you dropped.
  • been accused of a crime but nothing came of it.
  • been found guilty and had the Adjudication of Guilt “Withheld.”

A criminal record is:

  • Embarrassing,
  • Can keep you from living where you want to live,
  • Can keep you from getting the job where you want to work, and
  • Can keep you from obtaining your opportunities in life.

A Florida arrest record expungement or sealing is the only way to make your criminal record a non-public record. Expunging a criminal record is a legal process that the law provides so that people can move past an arrest as if it had never occurred. Under Florida law, criminal records are public records. Even if your case was dropped that record remains for people to see.

Many people are confused about whether they should expunge or seal their criminal record. You should not worry about this. You either qualify for one or the other. When I check to see if you qualify and as to which you qualify for. The differences between expunging and sealing your record are minimal and provide the same protections.

Also see, Florida Record Expungement Frequently Asked Questions.

Qualifying for a Florida Record Expungement

Florida law allows you to seal or expunge your arrest record if you qualify. Qualifying for a Florida record expungement means all charges were dropped, dismissed, or you were found not guilty after a trial (expungement) or you received a withhold of the adjudication and the offense you were found guilty of is not prohibited (sealing).

Additionally, you can never have been convicted of a criminal offense. Conviction in Florida is not the same as being found guilty. The differences between a conviction and a withhold of adjudication can be confusing. Not to worry – I’ll check those out for you.

Other Options

There are other options available that you can use to address the problems with your criminal record. You may not qualify to have your record expunged but maybe you just need to correct your criminal record. You will be amazed at how the wrong information gets posted or what missing information leaves to the imagination.

What if your child was arrested? Will it affect his journey to adulthood, college, employment? Find out if a juvenile record expungement is something you should consider.

What if you were arrested by mistake. It happens. Sometimes people get arrested because their name is similar to someone else’s. Understand how a mistaken arrest can be administratively expunged.

Starting Your Florida Record Expungement

Getting started with your Florida record expungement or sealing can not be easier. Once you contact me, either through the form below or by calling, email or text, I will email you information about my representation and services.

The email will answer most of your questions including how much a record expungement or sealing costs. If you still have questions I can discuss them over the phone with you (or by email if you are outside the United States).

I have represented people in just about every county of Florida. I have appeared in courtrooms from Miami to Tampa to Jacksonville and everywhere in between. Each County has its unique quirks and procedures regarding the expungement process. Knowing these helps me facilitate this process. It doesn’t matter what county your arrest happened in, I can help you.

Benefits of an Expunged Record

There are many benefits to having your criminal arrest record expunged or sealed. Expungement benefits include the removing of information from all government websites and the ability to deny the arrest occurred. This are just a few. The list goes on and on.

After Your Criminal Record Is Expunged

To take full advantage of the law’s protections, you still have a few things to do after your record has been sealed or expunged. This is important because a record expungement or sealing is not a magic bullet. It is a first step that you can use to finally put that mistake in your past.

For More Information Emailed to You

Want to see if you qualify to have your Florida Record Expunged? Fill out and submit the form below – or text your “name and email address” to 407-434-1858. We will email you some information about our representation and some questions for us to see if you qualify.

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Additional Information Regarding Arrest Records

Check out our blog posts. Most concern expungements and sealings. Some of the topics we have posted about include teaching with a record, level 1 and level 2 background checks, the history of the law, and more. You can search for specific keywords in the search function at the top of the page.

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