record expungement fees and costs

Expungement Fees and Costs

What an Expungement Costs

Our expungement costs and fees include:

  • Legal fee is $879 (See payment plans below).
  • FDLE Fee is $75.
  • Court Costs/Filing Fees average $75 (but can be higher or lower).
  • Hearing Fee, if a hearing is required.

The only cost we have control over is our legal fee. To reduce our fees, we have separated the hearing fee from the overall legal fee. Most cases do not require a hearing and we do not charge for one.

Expungement Costs – Payment Plans

Once we have determined that you are eligible, we will send you an email that includes a link to make your initial payment. Our total legal fees are $879. This includes obtaining certified copies of your court file where possible.

To get started, we have a few options. We have a “two payment” plan, with an initial fee ($440) to start and the final legal fee ($439) due once we receive your Certificate of Eligibility. And we have a monthly payment plan where your initial payment is $295 and we set up your card to automatically make 8 monthly $79 payments.

Let’s start with the “two payment” plan:

Two Payment Plan: Initial Fee $440

The initial fee to get started is $440.00. This includes the cost of obtaining certified copies of your court file before it is sealed or expunged, however we urge you to also try and obtain these records (see below). Once we have received your worksheet and determined that you are eligible, you can pay $440 as the initial payment to get started.

Initial Fee $515 Option (includes $75 FDLE fee)

You can pay the $515 initial fee which includes the $75 FDLE cost. This allows you to not have to worry about getting the money order which is needed very soon after hiring us. This is the best option. (You can always pay the FDLE Fee after the initial fee too)

➠ The Certificate of Eligibility is obtained from FDLE and is required before we can petition the court.

Now let’s look at the monthly payment plan:

Monthly Payment Plan: Initial Fee $295

We can start on your expungement or sealing for just $295 per month. Then we will charge your credit card $79 in 8 monthly payments. It does not include the FDLE fee or the Court costs. You must provide a credit card and be okay with automatic charges each month. The total ends up being $927, slightly higher than the other plan.

Monthly Payment Plan with FDLE Fee: Initial Fee $370

This is the same monthly payment plan as above and you pay the FDLE fee with the initial $295 payment (for a total initial fee of $370).

You can always pay the full legal fee upfront (879.00 or $954.00 with FDLE Fee). We discourage this only because of our refund policy (see below).

Obtain Certified Copies of Your Records

We encourage all of our clients to obtain “certified copies” of their court file before we petition the court to either seal or expunge your record. Make sure to obtain at a minimum:
1. Police Report
2. Charging Document (if any)
3. Final Disposition
You will need these documents in the future. I will also try and obtain these records, however sometimes I have to use these records in the process of petitioning the court.


The FDLE fee can be paid by credit card (preferred) and we will write a law office check to FDLE on your behalf. It can also be paid by Money Order, when you return your application and fingerprints. It is much easier to simply charge it to your credit/debit card, saving you the hassle of going and purchasing a money order.

Costs That We Can’t Control

Expungement costs are expenses required to be paid outside the legal fee. These include:

  • the Florida Department of Law Enforcement fee ($75),
  • costs for notary services (Max. $10 per notary stamp),
  • cost for fingerprints ($varies), and
  • the filing fee or court costs ($varies, usually around $75).
  • (Any money you still owe the court on the case.)

For specific information regarding the costs for each county, go to our expungement locations page and click on the county where your case is located. Specific costs and fees are updated there as well as hearing fees.

Hearing Fee

Hearings are usually not required. If the State Attorney’s office objects to the granting of the petition, then we must have a hearing. There are also some counties that require a hearing each time, even when the State Attorney does not object. If a hearing is required, there is an additional hearing fee. The amount of this fee is determined by county.

Go to our Record Expungement LOCATIONS page and click on the County where your case originates for more information on particular County fees, including the hearing fee.

Obtaining Certified Copies of Documents

Our legal fee includes obtaining certified copies of existing documents you may need for your records after your case has been sealed or expunged. We can only obtain documents that the Clerk of Court still maintains*. We send you these at the completion of your case. This is important for people that are:

  • Seeking employment with an Entitled Entity.
  • Want to apply to the Florida Bar.
  • Not a United States Citizen.

*We strongly suggest that you also obtain certified copies of your court documents before your record has been sealed or expunged.

⚖ Entitled Entities

Notary Costs

picture of notary stamps
We can notarize your affidavits for free.

You may have to pay for the notarization and fingerprint costs. If you are local (Orlando area) we can do the notarizations for you for free. Just schedule a time to come in.

It takes about 5-8 months for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement [FDLE] to process the application and issue your Certificate of Eligibility. When received, the remaining legal fees are due.

You can pay the remaining legal fee in one payment or multiple payments. If you are on the monthly fee payment plan we can wait until the 9 monthly payments have been made or pay the remainder all at once. We will let you know your options.

Once the entire legal fee is paid in full, we file the petition with the court to complete the process.


We review your case before accepting any money to ensure that you “qualify” to have your record either sealed or expunged. Once you hire us to either seal or expunge your record, there are no refunds (unless we have made an error regarding your eligibility). If FDLE rejects your application and we cannot correct the error, all future payments will cease and you will not owe us any more or the legal fee. NOTE: If you are on the Monthly Payment plan, you will have paid more towards the legal fee by the time we receive any notifications from FDLE than the two-payment method.

What is Not Included

When you hire us to expunge or seal your record the fee includes the preparation, document creation, and filing of the petition and required documents. If a hearing is required there is an additional fee (see, County Pages). If FDLE denies your Certificate of Eligibility, we will also discuss remedies, which are often available, and try to correct FDLE’s error if capable of being accomplished by simple communication and local research.

The fee does not include extraordinary writs or appeals. An extraordinary writ is a document that is filed to force an agency to comply. An appeal is the only remedy if the court denies your petition with prejudice. It does not include repeating the procedure for any reason to include expiration of the Certificate of Eligibility or court denial without prejudice to refile. The legal fee described above does not include these procedures.

For More Information

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