record expungement fees and costs

Expungement Fees and Costs

Our expungement costs and fees include:

  • Legal fee is $739.
  • FDLE Fee is $75.
  • Court Costs/Filing Fees average $75 (but can be higher).
  • Hearing Fee if a hearing is required.

The only cost we have control over is our legal fee. To reduce our fees, we have separated the hearing fee from the overall legal fee. Most cases do not require a hearing.

Expungement Legal Fee $739

Our legal fees are fixed. To get started, we need an initial payment of $389. The remaining $350 is due upon receipt of your Certificate of Eligibility.

➠ The Certificate of Eligibility is obtained from FDLE and is required before we can petition the court.

The legal fee covers the petitioning of the court to seal or expunge your record and the motion and notice to set a hearing, if necessary. It does not cover the hearing (if required), or extraordinary hearings to include motions to compel or writs. It does not cover appeals. Extraordinary hearings are rare.

Initial Fee $389

The initial fee to get started is $389.00. This includes the cost of obtaining certified copies of your court file before it is sealed or expunged. See below.

Initial Fee $465 Option

You can pay the $465 initial fee which includes the $75 FDLE fee. This allows you to not have to worry about getting the money order which is needed very soon after hiring us.

Total Expungement Cost = Legal Fee + Costs/Expenses

The total expungement cost is equal to the legal fees plus the costs involved, such as the FDLE fee and court costs. This typically runs about $850 to $900 if no hearing is required.

Hearing Fee

Hearings are usually not required. If the State Attorney’s office objects to the granting of the petition, then we must have a hearing. There are also some counties that require a hearing each time. If a hearing is required, there is an additional hearing fee. The amount of this fee is determined by county and is listed below.

Go to our Record Expungement LOCATIONS page and click on the County where your case originates for more information on particular County fees, including the hearing fee.

Total Legal Fee Due Before Filing Petition

It takes about 5-8 months for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement [FDLE] to process the application and issue your Certificate of Eligibility. When received, the remaining legal fees are due.

You can pay the final $350 in one payment or multiple payments. Once it is paid in full we file the petition with the court to complete the process.

Obtaining Certified Copies of Documents

Our legal fee includes obtaining certified copies of existing documents you may need for your records after your case has been sealed or expunged. We send you these at the completion of your case. This is important for people that are:

  • Seeking employment with an Entitled Entity.
  • Want to apply to the Florida Bar.
  • Not a United States Citizen.

⚖ Entitled Entities

Costs/Expenses That Must Be Paid

Expungement costs are expenses required to be paid outside the legal fee. These include:

  • the Florida Department of Law Enforcement fee ($75),
  • costs for notary services (Max. $10 per notary stamp),
  • cost for fingerprints ($varies), and
  • the filing fee or court costs ($varies, usually around $75).

The FDLE Fee – $75

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement requires a $75 processing fee when we submit the paperwork for your Certificate of Eligibility. You have the option to pay this along with the initial fee or wait and obtain the money order on your own.

Notary and Fingerprinting

The seal or expunge packet we send you requires you obtain your fingerprints and three documents to be notarized.

picture of notary stamps
We can notarize your affidavits for free.

You may have to pay for the notarization and fingerprint costs. If you are local (Orlando area) we can do the notarizations for you for free.

Court Costs or Filing Fees – Usually $42-$100

Court costs are typically paid upon filing the petition (filing fee) or after the court has granted your criminal record expungement or sealing. This typically costs between $42-$100 and is due upon filing the petition or after the petition has been granted.

For specific information regarding each county, go to our expungement locations page and click on the county where your case is located. Specific costs and fees are updated there.

If you still owe money in the underlying case (court costs, restitution, fines) these will have to be paid before the court will grant the petition. The court costs may be higher if the case involved co-defendants.

Qualifying Before Paying

Before you spend a dime, we make sure you qualify to have your record sealed or expunged. It is to your benefit to know whether you qualify before you spend time and money on trying to seal or expunge your record.

⚖ Expungement Qualifications

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Hearing Fees By County

A majority of petitions to expunge or seal do not require a hearing. This is why we stopped charging for it up front. Now, you only pay for a hearing if a hearing is required.

To find out what the hearing fee is for the County where you were arrested, please go to our Record Expungement Locations page.

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