florida expungement packet

Florida Expungement Packet

The Florida Expungement Packet (including the Seal Packet) contains the following forms:

  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility.
  • Affidavit to either Seal or Expunge your arrest.
  • Affidavit of Good Cause.
  • Fingerprint Card.

All of these forms will be filled out for you and include instructions once you begin the expungement (or sealing) process with us.

⚖ Starting Your Expungement

Providing You the Florida Expungement Packet

When you are interested in having us represent you for a record expungement or sealing, the first thing we do is make sure you at least qualify before you begin – and that means before you pay.

⚖ Expungement Qualifications

Our expungement packet is complete, the forms are filled out, and the packet includes the necessary affidavits to successfully petition the court on your behalf.

⚖ Expungement Benefits

It does not include everything we need. Obtaining necessary records from the courts is something we also do. However, it contains all the documentation that you must complete.

What the Florida Expungement Packet Contains

In order to successfully expunge or seal your arrest record we need you to notarize three documents and obtain your fingerprints. The originals must be returned to us at the following address:

Eric J Dirga, PA
Post Office Box 3591
Orlando, FL 32802-3591

Certificate of Eligibility Application

Before you can petition the court to seal or expunge your record you need to first obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from FDLE. You must apply using the correct application to receive your Certificate of Eligibility. Using the wrong application can seriously delay the entire process. We provide you with the correct application already filled out with the correct information.

Fingerprint Card

A fingerprint form will be included – however, as long as a law enforcement agency takes your fingerprints on either their own card or the form provided – you will have no problem.

Affidavit to Seal or Expunge

This is the affidavit that is required to be filed with the Petition to Expunge/Seal. We will create the specific affidavit for your case containing all the correct information.

Good Cause Affidavit

This is not a required affidavit (except for some circuits). This is a case specific document we create and provide to you. We have all our clients fill this out. This document usually keeps us from having to attend a hearing.

What You Have to Do

Filling out our Florida Expungement Packet is the only thing you will have to do when you hire me to represent you. Sealing or expunging your criminal record was never easier.

Sign and Notarize Application

You will have to review, read, sign and notarize the application. Make sure all the information is correct. Send it back to me when done.

Obtain Fingerprints

Contact a local law enforcement agency to see when they provide fingerprints for the public. Most do this. Some require an appointment. Bring the fingerprint card I provided but don’t worry if they want to use their own card. Either will work. Send it back to me along with the application.

Sign and Notarize Affidavits

I provide you with two affidavits. I suggest you wait to sign and have these notarized until after we receive your Certificate of Eligibility. Some courts have objected to the affidavits that were signed more than a few months before they were filed.

Making it Easy For You

Our entire goal is to make this as easy as possible on you. Once these documents have been returned, all you have to do is sit back and relax – We take care of everything else.

For More Information

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