starting your expungement

Starting Your Florida Expungement

Start your Florida expungement today. It is quick and easy. We will make sure you qualify first and then get you started. It’s fast and easy. All we need is some information. Just follow the steps outlined below.

Start Your Florida Expungement

To start your Florida expungement or sealing we just need a little information to make sure you qualify. Qualifying means you are eligible to either “seal” or “expunge” your arrest record (See, Florida expungement qualifications).

See also, What is a Florida Expungement.

Eligibility means you should receive a Certificate of Eligibility from the Florida Department of LawEnforcement [FDLE]. The Certificate is a prerequisite (required) in order to petition the court asking for your record to be sealed or expunged.

The Information We Need to Start Your Florida Expungement

PLEASE FILL OUT WHAT YOU REMEMBER: Leave the area blank if you are unsure. By submitting the information below the evaluation process will begin – there is no fee for this. This is only the first step to start your Florida expungement.

The information will only be used to ensure you qualify before you decide to hire us. Once you submit the information I will contact you by email with the results. Please include a cell number and I will text you once I have sent the email.

We Reply and You Decide

Once you have submitted your information you should receive a reply within one business day. The first thing you will receive is an email with a worksheet to fill out. If you want us to start your Florida expungement, we will need the worksheet filled out and returned.

The worksheet will ask for similar information that is necessary for start your Florida expungement. It also has a pay authorization form in case you want to start the process immediately (see the cost of sealing or expunging your record). We don’t ask for complete credit card information. We never charge your card. You pay us when you want to begin from a secure weblink..

You Don’t Pay Us Until You Are Ready; Strict Confidentiality

Everything you submit will be kept in strict confidentiality. If, after I determine that you qualify, you decide to go forward – a link will be sent to make the payment. I do not keep any credit or debit card information.

If you require to pay with money order or cash that also works. However, we can no longer accept personal checks. See, Payment options.

Start Your Florida Expungement; More Information

You can find out more about arrest record sealing and expungements at FDLE’s website and my Expunge Links page. You can also check out the Florida expungement information I have provided on my website on the expungement index page.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the expungement process or Florida expungement laws.

Start Your Florida Expungement; Experience

I have been an attorney since 1995. I have been working with expungement law since 1997, first as a prosecutor and then in private practice. I have helped hundreds (if not thousands) of people over the years qualify and complete the expungement and sealing process.

I try to make my website as informative as possible, so please look around. My goal is to help people with qualifying arrests to expunge or seal their records so that they can live their life uninhibited by a single mistake or mark on their criminal history.

If you have been arrested, regardless of the outcome, you should start your Florida expungement today. Just fill out the above form and I will guide you the rest of the way.

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