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Correcting Erroneous F.D.L.E Criminal Records

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Inaccurate information on your criminal history can cause you:

  • to lose your job or
  • be denied an apartment or
  • cause considerable embarrassment.

Correcting criminal records is quick and cost effective.

Fixing Your Inaccurate Criminal Record

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains records of all arrests that occur within Florida. A mistake on your criminal history, such as:

  • Inaccurate charges,
  • someone else’s information, or
  • Absence of the disposition

can cause harm to you in many ways.

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Inaccurate Criminal Records

A criminal history is a record starting with your arrest all the way through to the final disposition (how the case was resolved). Very often the information reported is wrong or incomplete.

Your Criminal Record Starts With the Arrest

Your record starts with what the police arrested you for. Even if the final charges were significantly less, your criminal history will begin with that. If you were arrested for burglary and ended up being found guilty of only trespass, your arrest history will start off with burglary.

If this is your situation, you should consider having this record expunged or sealed using the standard expungement.

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Omissions Within Criminal Histories

The complete record is necessary for anyone who is looking at your background. A criminal history that shows an arrest for what is perceived as a serious offense may fail to show that the official charges were significantly less or that the case was ultimately dropped.

Using the example above, if you were arrested for burglary but found guilty of only trespass, you would definitely want the final disposition included in your history. Otherwise, people only know about the burglary and will believe you burglarized someone’s home.

Another even more common example is the overcharged domestic violence offense. These charges get no billed all the time by State Attorneys. If your history only shows the arrest and not that it was dropped, people will believe the worst.

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Correcting Criminal Records

When you find a mistake within the records of Florida Department of Law Enforcement you should move quickly to fix the situation. The longer it sits there the more time the inaccurate information is available to the public.

Correcting the criminal record in conjunction with an expungement or sealing is often the best way to go. Accurate records must be the cornerstone of this process.

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