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Domestic violence is one of the most frequently used charges to arrest someone. It is also one of the most often dropped charges in Florida Courts. I represent people who have been charged with domestic violence and I also expunge those arrest records. Being charged with Domestic Violence is a stigma you should not have to live with.

You Can Expunge Your Domestic Violence Arrest

Easily upwards of 90% of domestic violence arrests result in the State Attorney’s Office entering a No Bill (no filed charges) or dismissal after the charges have been filed. Although domestic violence adjudications cannot be sealed, they can be expunged if the arrest results in a No Bill or dismissal.

You can start the process of expunging your domestic violence arrest by requesting information from me regarding the expungement process. See Form below.

Most Domestic Violence charges are:

  • Never officially filed (No Bill or No Information).
  • Dropped by the Prosecutor if they are filed on.
  • Typically involve false or embellished allegations.
  • Carry a very negative stigma even if the charges were dropped.
  • If No Billed or dropped, are eligible to be expunged from your record.

Domestic Violence is a Stigma

When people see that you were arrested for domestic violence they assume the worse. They may never even look far enough down to see that the charges were dropped. All they see is a person that is violent towards women.

Most Domestic Violence Arrests are Dropped

Domestic violence arrests may be rising but the conviction rate is extremely low. Most domestic violence arrests result in the State Attorney deciding to not file charges or to drop the charges. Even if the charges were dropped, you still have an arrest record for domestic violence. The good news is you are often eligible to have the record expunged.

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