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There are other situations you can face that may require action to clear your record. Actions that do not use your one opportunity to seal or expunge an arrest record. These include:

  • You need to correct misinformation on your criminal history.
  • You were mistakenly arrested and need that arrest removed.
  • Your child was arrested and needs his record expunged.
  • Your arrest occurred in a State other than Florida.

We will also discuss the special situations with Domestic Violence and DUI arrests.

Other Sealing or Expungement Options Available

Criminal arrest record information can be easily found on the internet. Your best option is to have that information legally removed. If you can’t have it removed then it better be correct and complete. Removing it requires that it be either expunged or sealed. However, there are other options that will not use your one time seal or expunge option.

Below are links [⚖] to specific information regarding these options.

Juvenile Record Expungements

Florida law allows a child to utilize the standard seal and expunge options. There is also provisions for qualified offenses that have gone through diversion and early natural expungement of juvenile records before the age of twenty-one.

Juvenile expungement cases need to be handled correctly for maximum benefit with minimal cost. We handle many juvenile cases throughout Florida. Contact us for more details.

⚖ Correct Records

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement [FDLE] maintains the criminal histories of all arrests that occur in Florida. Mistakes made on these records can and should be corrected as soon as they are discovered.

⚖ Administrative Expungement

Every so often law enforcement will make a mistaken arrest. unfortunately, once this has been reported to FDLE they remain there and are reported as arrests. Administrative expungements are used to remove these records from FDLE.

⚖ Domestic Violence Expungement

These arrests are particularly devastating because they occur so often. Additionally, they are often dropped or amended to something other than the charge at the time of the arrest.

I also write posts about expungement issues, as well as other legal issues. One in particular talks about alternative methods of sealing records. You can check out all my posts by tapping or clicking the Blog tab on the top menu.

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