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Expunge Domestic Violence Arrests

You Must Expunge Your Domestic Violence Arrest

Expunging a Domestic Violence Arrest

Since most domestic violence arrests result in the case being dropped, many people qualify to have their record of arrest expunged. Because these arrests are politically and emotionally motivated and receive undue focus in the news, getting rid of it as soon as possible is the best first step.

You can start the process of expunging your domestic violence arrest by requesting information from me regarding the expungement process. See Form below or click this link.

⚖ Starting Your Expungement

Most Domestic Violence charges are:

  • Never officially filed (No Information).
  • Dropped by the Prosecutor if they are filed on.
  • Typically involve false or embellished allegations.
  • Carry a very negative stigma even if the charges were dropped.
  • Are eligible to be expunged from your record.

You should expunge a domestic violence arrest for the same reasons you would want to expunge any other arrest.

Domestic Violence is a Stigma

When people see that you were arrested for domestic violence they assume the worse. They may never even look far enough down to see that the charges were dropped or never even filed on, or your record may not even have the disposition (inaccuracies). All they see is a person that is violent towards women.

⚖ Correct Record

Most Domestic Violence Arrests are Dropped

Domestic violence arrests may be rising but the conviction rate is extremely low. Most domestic violence arrests are made because law enforcement feels compelled to make the arrest – not because there is enough evidence.

Most domestic violence arrests result in the State Attorney deciding to not file charges or to drop the charges. Even if the charges were dropped, you still have an arrest record for domestic violence.

A Domestic Violence Arrest Can Be Expunged (but not Sealed)

There is a difference between sealing an arrest record and expunging an arrest record. Both have certain requirements to qualify for such relief.

⚖ Expungement Differences

If you have been found guilty for a charge of domestic violence, you cannot seal it. Domestic violence charges are prohibited from being sealed once you have been found guilty or admitted to it.

⚖ Prohibited Offenses

However, if the charges are dropped or never filed on, then they can be expunged provided you otherwise qualify.

⚖ Expungement Qualifications

Statistics From the Florida Department of Law Enforcement

I will briefly digress. The ⚖ Florida Department of Law Enforcement [FDLE] keeps statistics on these offenses. The main reason is to ensure continued federal funding of domestic violence programs.

These statistics show that in Florida during 2016 nearly 110,000  domestic violence incidents were reported. Out of that number, nearly 64,000 arrests were made. However, it is unknown how many of those arrests resulted in convictions or finding of guilt because those stats are not posted publicly by FDLE. The reason is probably because the stats are so low.

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