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FDLE Criminal History Checks

Getting your criminal history from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement [FDLE] helps in the expungement process by:

  • Providing exactly what FDLE has and is selling.
  • Showing any inaccuracies that needs to be fixed prior to sealing or expunging.
  • Confirms whether you qualify based on Florida arrests.

What is a Criminal History

A criminal history (commonly called a “background check”) is a record maintained by the government that starts with the arrest (which includes “notices to appear”). It will include:

  • The date of arrest.
  • What agency arrested you.
  • The charges you were arrested for.
  • The official charges the State Attorney filed against you.
  • The disposition of the charges.
  • Any violations of probation.

No matter what the outcome of your case, the criminal history will always show that you were arrested and what you were arrested for.

Obtaining a Background Check

The background check that you want is the one from the government, in this case the Florida Department of Law Enforcement [FDLE].

F.D.L.E. Background Check; Florida Only

The FDLE provides an official criminal background check only for Florida arrests. There are two types of criminal histories you can receive from FDLE.

The Instant Search is $24 and the results are based on personal information you supply. This can be done over the internet and the results are immediate. The Personal Review requires you to fill out a downloadable form. You must send in the completed form to FDLE with a set of your fingerprints. This can take several weeks.

Criminal History Checks in States Other than Florida

You may have an arrest in another State. We have links to other states public records that you can also search or you can request a history from the FBI.

⚖ Public Records

⚖ FBI Identity History Summary

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