Supremes on Eyewitness ID and GPS Monitoring

It has been a slow “wordpress” year – so far.  I’ll be picking it up as time allows (but Spring is in the air!). First case deals with eyewitness testimony.  I have to imagine there is a case with better…

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Violent Video Games! and freedom of speech

Lately, I have noticed younger people (than I) touting shirts with the word freedom spelled “freedumb.”  I’m not sure what the meaning behind the misspelling is but it is a bit unnerving.  Freedoms are few and each is precious; people…

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Ashcroft and Material Witness Warrants

John Ashcroft was sued by Abdullah al-Kidd because in 2003 Mr. al-Kidd was held on a material witness warrant (authorized by Ashcroft) in a case against Sami Omar al-Hussayen.  Mr. al-Kidd was in jail for 16 days and then supervised…

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Michigan v. Bryant – and the confrontation clause

Michigan v. Bryant,  22 Fla. L. Weekly Fed. S813 (Feb 28, 2011):  Justice Sotomayor wrote the opinion, Justice Thomas concurred, Justice Scalia dissented – What is testimonial and what is an “on-going” emergency is delved into and how hearsay and…

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