Criminal Record Expungements: More Good Stuff

In the realm of law, in between the nether world and the iclouds, there is a place where things sometimes seem pretty darn good. Doesn’t mean it is! Or forever will be – but, for now, good. This This is…

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Juvenile Search Illegal

D.S. (Juvenile) v. State, 37 Fla. L. Weekly D825 (Fla. 3d DCA, Apr 11, 2012): Motion to Suppress denied, Reversed and Remanded. D.S. appeals from a withhold of adjudication of delinquency entered following an adjudicatory hearing. D.S. was detained, along…

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Shanks: Another Good Case on Sealing Records

SHANKS v. STATE, 82 So.3d 1226 (Fla. 1st DCA 2012) Here is a petition to seal case where, for all the best efforts, a great decision was had yet there was one silly error. Shanks supports the granting of a…

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New Florida Supreme Court Case on Peremptory Challenges

  HAYES vs. STATE, 37 Fla. L. Weekly S253a (Fla., Apr 5 2012) Peremptory challenges during jury selection are once again the subject of this Court’s review. More specifically, we address the misapplication by both the trial court and the…

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