Pedro Gil v. The State of Florida

In 2011, Pedro Gil was issued a citation Driving With A Suspended License. He went to court and pled guilty to the charge on the citation. He was adjudicated guilty and fined. Pedro thought he had done the responsible thing…

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State V. Adkins, Perry’s Dissent

Luke Jarrod Adkins had the misfortune of being charged with the horrific offense of possessing a controlled substance. To the average person “possessing” something would conclude you had knowledge of what it was that you possessed, especially if possessing it…

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New Florida Supreme Court Case on Peremptory Challenges

  HAYES vs. STATE, 37 Fla. L. Weekly S253a (Fla., Apr 5 2012) Peremptory challenges during jury selection are once again the subject of this Court’s review. More specifically, we address the misapplication by both the trial court and the…

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Return to Confusion: With or Without Knowledge – Updated 08/13/12.

The Supreme Court of Florida has tried to clarify what the State need to do to prove a DWLS case when it does not have the presumption of knowledge that is found in the statute. ANDERSON v. STATE, 37 Fla….

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