Erase Your Record*

Seal or Expunge

The Do-It-Yourself Florida Record Expungement Book I have been sealing and expunging Florida criminal records for over twenty years. I have always tried to provide a good service at a reasonable price. I know that what I do is not…

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Can You Teach With A Record

Teacher With Criminal Record Becoming a Teacher in Florida Many people who contact me about an expungement are concerned about their ability to be a teacher in the public school system of Florida. In this post I try to explain…

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Level 1 and 2 Background Check

Florida Employment Background Screenings Relating to Expungements and Sealings of Records Many people are confused about the interactions between Chapter 435, dealing with background screenings (background check) for employment, and sections 943.0585 (expungements) and 943.059 (sealings). The main question is…

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The Haunting Record Of Arrest

An Arrest Record Shouldn’t Be a Life Sentence Many people believe that if their criminal case was dismissed or they had adjudication withheld they do not have an arrest record. Another common belief is if they did not go to…

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