Can A Fixed “Suspension” Thwart a Conviction for DWLS-HTO

I have been perplexed by an issue that seems to depend on the Court I am before. When a client hires me with a new law offense for driving while his license has been suspended as a habitual traffic offender…

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Broward County Judge Finds Red Light Camera Statute Unconstitutional

A broward county judge has found the red light camera statute to be unconstitutional under the Florida Constitution. Read order to find out why. State v Adams RLCC May 16, 2012 Eric J Dirga, PA

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Order Dismissing Red Light Camera Ticket

Counsel for the Defendant appeared and argued that the City of Hollywood was prosecuting these alleged violations without complying with Florida Statute 316.650 (3)(c). The testimony elicited during the trial demonstrated that the traffic infraction enforcement officer was not personally “providing…

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Juvenile Search Illegal

D.S. (Juvenile) v. State, 37 Fla. L. Weekly D825 (Fla. 3d DCA, Apr 11, 2012): Motion to Suppress denied, Reversed and Remanded. D.S. appeals from a withhold of adjudication of delinquency entered following an adjudicatory hearing. D.S. was detained, along…

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