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Many people think they only have 2 options when they get a ticket; pay it or take traffic school. However, you can also ask for a hearing. Many people do this every day. There are benefits to taking your ticket to a hearing and we can help. Check out our reviews.

1. Never Just Pay The Ticket

If you just pay the traffic ticket without electing a hearing or traffic school you will be assessed points. Points lead to:

  • Higher Insurance Rates.
  • Driver’s License Suspensions.

2. Elect A Driving School

Florida law allows you to elect a driving school once every 12 months up to five times. You should take this option if you do not hire a lawyer. Reasons you may not be eligible for traffic school:

  • You have elected driving school fives times.
  • You elected driving school within the last 12-months.
  • You have a Commercial Drivers License.
  • The citation requires a mandatory court appearance.

Elect a traffic school if you believe you are guilty of the infraction and want the cheapest method of keeping points off your license. The Clerk will make you pay for the ticket immediately and will give you 90 days to complete the school and provide a copy of the certificate to the clerk’s office.

3. Hire a Traffic Lawyer – Elect a Traffic Hearing

If you elect a hearing I would strongly suggest that you hire a traffic lawyer to represent you. In fact, don’t bother electing the hearing – when you hire us we will do everything for you.

You should elect a hearing if you cannot take the driving school option and:

  • You are concerned about points on your driver’s license.
  • You have many points on your driver’s license and you are concerned about a point suspension.
  • You believe that the citation is wrong and you want your day in court.
  • You received a citation for “careless driving” involving an accident.
  • You received a speeding ticket.
  • You received a Driving With A Suspended Driver’s License ticket.

I do not advocate that you elect a hearing without hiring an attorney to represent you. However, you can make the election on your own and hire a lawyer before the hearing.

4. Think You Are Too Late To Fight Your Ticket – You’re Probably Wrong

Even if you are past 30-days since you received the ticket, odds are we can still help.

BY HIRING OUR OFFICE you will save the time spent:

  • Contacting the Clerk of Court.
  • Electing a hearing.
  • Going to the hearing.
  • Dealing with continuances and delays.
  • Preparing your case.

The Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

Want to just have someone else deal with it? A traffic lawyer can do everything. We can make the election for a hearing, go to court, deal with delays, bring the knowledge of the law, and in most cases you never have to appear in court. If we need you to appear at the hearing (usually for a ticket involving an accident) we will let you know.

OUR GOAL is to try and have your ticket:

  • dismissed,
  • keep points off,
  • avoid traffic school, and/or
  • reduce the fine amount.

NOTE: Please understand, none of that may occur. By electing a hearing the court can assess a fine up to $500 (usually for a very bad recent driving record, very high speed, or behavior at the stop) and/or require you to attend a driving school. Our results depend on your driving history and the nature of the current ticket (and what happened at the stop). Our main goal is to protect your privilege to drive in Florida or whatever state you are from (keeping points off is a priority). If you are just worried about points you can elect the driving school option without an attorney so long as you do not have a CDL license and have not elected a driving school in the last year and your ticket does not require a mandatory hearing. (The Florida Bar prohibits attorneys from guaranteeing results.)

Overdue Tickets; Past the Thirty Day Window

Tickets that are past the 30-day window and possibly in collections require special attention. Don’t worry – we may be able to straighten it out for you.

If You Want To Hire Us

If you’d like to hire us to represent you for your ticket please contact us and tell us what the ticket is for and in what county it was issued. If it is a speeding ticket please let us know how fast the officer said you were going (e.g., 85/70, meaning 85 mph in a 70 mph zone). Another option is to scan your ticket to .PDF format and email it to us – or fax (407-841-9090) the ticket to us.

If you don’t have the ticket we need to know your name as it appears on your driver’s license and the county where you received the ticket. We will look it up and tell you our fee and send you a link to make the payment.If you were in an accident and you were injured please let us know that as soon as possible.

NOTE: We are not responsible for late fees or reinstatement fees. Keep in mind that you have 30 days from the date you received the ticket to make an election.


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