Benefits of Hiring A Lawyer

Put Courtroom Experience On Your Side

Legal Representation Benefits

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Hiring a lawyer experienced in traffic law puts courtroom experience on your side. You have the benefit of having a legal professional represent you, keeping you from missing work and worrying about court. Legal representation benefits you, your time,
and your driving record.

Why You May Want To Hire A Lawyer For Your Traffic Ticket

-You Do Not Want Points And You Can’t Take Traffic School

Traffic school is the sure-fire way to avoid points. However, there are a few reasons why you may not be eligible for traffic school or why it may not be possible:

  • If you have a Commercial Driver’s License you cannot take a driving school to avoid points.
  • If you have elected a driving school within the past 12-months you cannot elect driving school.
  • If you have elected driving school 5-times in the past you are no longer eligible to elect a driving school.
  • If the ticket requires a mandatory hearing.
  • If you cannot pay the traffic ticket in full within 30-days of the ticket you cannot elect traffic school.

Reasons Why To Consider Taking The Traffic School Option

  • If you have a recent bad driving record and the ticket does not require a mandatory hearing.
  • If you think hiring a lawyer will magically make your ticket disappear.

If you can elect traffic school you should. It avoids court-costs (usually around $35) and removes points and you do not need to hire an attorney to do it. The school option does cost money and it is a guarantee no-points solution to your ticket situation (provided you do the school and provide proof to the clerk before time runs out).

What If You Cannot Elect A Driving School

If you cannot elect school or you want to contest the ticket the best way to do this would be to hire a traffic lawyer. A traffic lawyer can advise you on what options are out there for you. By hiring my office I will also do the following:

  • request a hearing,
  • go to the hearing on your behalf,
  • determine the best solution to your situation,
  • emphasis on getting your citation dismissed or reduced, and
  • trying to keep the points off of your driving record.

You Have Received A Driving With Suspended License Ticket

These are dangerous tickets. Just paying these tickets are a quick way to a 5-year license suspension. In most cases these are some of the easiest tickets to get dismissed. Despite this, these tickets cause more pain than any other.

You should never just pay these tickets. Getting these tickets dismissed involves a hearing and for that you should have an attorney handle this.

A lawyer can get these dismissed or remove the conviction so that it does not count towards a 5-year suspension – legal representation benefits.

Toll Tickets: Save Money – Call A Lawyer

Ever notice the sign in front of toll booths in Florida that say $100 fine for violators? Well, that sign is very misleading. The typical fine for a toll violation is $262. With late fees and a collection company fee it can easily reach near to $400. A lawyer can usually get your fines reduced significantly – legal representation benefits.

Speeding Tickets: Never Represent Yourself

Representing yourself in court is not a good idea for speeding tickets. There are no good excuses for driving over the speed limit. Have an attorney handle your speeding ticket and never appear in court – legal representation benefits.


Some of the Traffic Tickets We Cover

-Moving Violations – These Carry Points


Speeding tickets are by far the most common ticket I represent. There is a good reason for this – they carry points and affect insurance rates.

Driving With A Suspended Driver’s License (Can be criminal)

These tickets come in two forms – a regular civil citation and a criminal charge. Either way it is very important to hire a traffic lawyer for this type of ticket. If not handled properly these tickets can lead to a 5-year license revocation. The irony is that they are one of the easiest tickets to get dismissed so it is well worth the cost of a lawyer.

Racing On Highway (Criminal)

This is now (since 2002) a criminal offense. It is given out for what is usually NOT racing. You should always consult with an attorney familiar with this type of offense before making any decisions with your case.

Reckless Driving (Criminal)

Reckless driving is often confused with careless driving. They are not the same. Reckless driving is a criminal offense and should be taken very seriously. It is also a 4-point citation.

Move-Over Law

Relatively new and heavily enforced. This law requires you to move over one lane when ever an emergency vehicle is stopped on the side of the road with emergency lights on. If you cannot move over you must slow down to 20 mph under the posted speed limit. This includes police, firefighters, and tow trucks and service vehicles.

-Accident Cases

Most accident cases are cited as careless driving but sometimes are cited for different infractions, such as following too closely. This is a civil infraction. It typically carries 3-points but any infraction involving an accident has a point added to it. Careless driving involving an accident is 4-points. If you are eligible these tickets can be handled by elected a driving school and keeping the points off. However, if taken to a hearing these tickets (involving an accident) have a high rate of dismissals because witnesses are typically needed to prove the case.

-Non-moving Violations – No Points

Window Tint

Window tint tickets can be dismissed, however it requires proof that you have had the tint removed. Pictures sometimes work (make sure that the tag of the vehicle is clearly visible in at least one photo). Having a receipt from a company indicating removal or replacement to a legal tint.

No Proof of Insurance

This citation can be dismissed. Proof that you have obtained insurance or already had it will usually get this dismissed at a hearing. If you are found guilty of this ticket you must still provide proof of compliance or your license will be suspended.

Expired Driver’s License (Can be criminal)

Expired Vehicle Registration (Can be criminal)

Mandatory Court Appearances

Speeding 30 MPH Or More Over Limit

If cited for driving 30 mph or more over the limit you must have a hearing. The good news – an attorney can represent you at that hearing. You do not have to attend if represented.

Passing Stopped School Bus On Right

I have never had to represent someone for this. However, if you pass a school bus while it is stopped and loading or unloading children and you get caught passing the bus on the side that the children are embarking or disembarking the bus – it is a mandatory court appearance.

-Expensive Tickets

Speeding 50 MPH Or More Over Limit

If you are cited for driving 50 mph over the posted speed limit the fine is a mandatory $1,000. With costs it usually ends up around $1,100. These can be mitigated to a lower fine most of the time.

Toll Tickets

Toll tickets usually reach people long after they happened. By then they are well over $200. If you have a toll ticket don’t pay the outrageous fine amount. There is a very good chance that it can be reduced significantly and should be taken to a hearing.

Popping a Wheelie While Driving A Motorcycle

It is a mandatory fine of $1,000 (around $1,100 with costs). These can usually be mitigated down.

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