Speeding Ticket

Defending Speeding Tickets

Keeping Points Off Your License

Getting a speeding ticket can be costly. Ticket fines average around $250 for a speeding ticket in Florida. However, it is even more expensive if you just pay the ticket and receive points. Points from a speeding ticket will inevitable cause your insurance to rise and cost you more.

What You Should Do When You Get A Speeding Ticket

When you receive a speeding ticket (or any ticket) you have 30-days to make an “election.” An election is to either pay the ticket and receive points, elect a driving school (only for speeding tickets 29mph or less over the limit), or set your ticket for a hearing. Once you have done any of these things, you have satisfied the 30-day deadline.
My suggestion is:

  • Don’t just pay the ticket and get points (it will cost you).
  • Elect the driving school if you can.
  • Set your ticket for a hearing if electing a driving school is not a good option.

What Electing A Traffic School Will Do

If you elect a traffic school you pay face value of the ticket. This means if the officer wrote you for a speed with a fine value of $256, you pay the clerk $256. You will then have 90-days to take a driver improvement class and present the certificate to the clerk. Electing the driving school option will keep the points off your license. Keeping points off your license is a very good strategy for handling speeding tickets.

What Setting Your Ticket For a Hearing Will Do

If you set your speeding ticket for a hearing the clerk will satisfy the 30-day election requirement and set a hearing date within about 2-months. You will receive a letter with the hearing date on it. This is your notice and you must attend the hearing or you will be found guilty. At this point, you can represent yourself at the hearing or hire a lawyer. (Note: Once you elect a hearing you can no longer elect a driving school.)

What Hiring A Lawyer Can Do

Actually, you can hire a lawyer immediately after you receive a speeding ticket and the lawyer will set up the hearing for you. It is extremely rare that if you hire a lawyer you will have to attend the hearing. The lawyer can represent you at a traffic hearing without you having to be present.
An experienced traffic lawyer will usually do one or more of the following:

  • Keep the points off your license.
  • Keep you from having to take a driving school.
  • Negotiate a lower fine (amending the infraction).
  • Have the ticket dismissed.

Even if a school is required by the court it will not count towards the five that you can elect in a lifetime.

Cost of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

Traffic lawyers are inexpensive alternatives to accumulating points, higher insurance rates, and point suspensions. Representation for most tickets is right at about a hundred dollars. If the ticket is amended so that the fine is lower the cost of the lawyer is even less.

Hire My Office Today For Your Speeding Ticket

You can hire me today if you have received a speeding ticket. It is a simple process. All I need you to do is contact me (email or text is best) and provide me with:

  • Your name as it appears on your driver’s license.
  • The ticket number (usually starts with the letter “A”).
  • The name of the county where you received the ticket.

With that information I can get started. You can send me a copy of the ticket later. I make the payment easy too. You can do it right over the internet.
When you have me represent you, I make sure you:

  • Understand the representation.
  • Know when I have filed on the case.
  • Know when your ticket is set for a hearing.
  • Know what the outcome of the hearing is soon after it is heard.
  • And I send you a copy of the disposition for your records.

I cannot guarantee results but I will tell it to you straight. Contact me today.

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