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Florida Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Below we have provided links [⚖] to more specific information that you may have questions about.

⚖ Florida Traffic Ticket Defense Locations

Find out specific information about the Florida Counties where we currently cover your tickets. This is a work in progress so please contact us regardless.

⚖ Specific Information on the Types of Tickets We Cover

We represent you on any traffic ticket you received in Florida. Some tickets, such as speeding, are issued more often than others. For common tickets, we provide more specific information about those tickets.

⚖ Benefits of Hiring Us to Represent You For a Traffic Ticket

There are benefits to hiring us to represent you for your traffic ticket. Find out what these benefits are.

Remember, You Only Have 30 Days to Act

You have 30 days from the day you received the traffic ticket to decide what to do before you receive a late fee. You have three options when you receive a ticket:

  • Pay The Traffic Ticket and receive points (don’t do this).
  • Elect Traffic School and avoid points.
  • Elect A Traffic Ticket Hearing.

Even if you are past the 30 days, we can help. Read below.

1. ⛔ Never Just Pay The Traffic Ticket

If you just pay the traffic ticket without electing a hearing or traffic school you will be assessed points. Points lead to:

  • Higher Insurance Rates.
  • Driver’s License Suspensions.

Is your driver’s license suspended? Go to ⚖ Florida Driver’s License Suspensions.

2. Elect A Driving School

Florida law allows you to elect a driving school once every 12 months up to five times for traffic tickets. You should take this option if you do not hire a lawyer.

Reasons you may not be eligible for traffic school:

  • You have elected driving school fives times.
  • You elected driving school within the last 12-months.
  • You have a Commercial Drivers License.
  • The citation requires a mandatory court appearance.

3. Elect a Hearing – Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket

If you elect a hearing we would strongly suggest that you hire a ticket lawyer to represent you. In fact, don’t bother electing the hearing – when you hire us, we will do everything for you.

Go to my ⚖ Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer page for more information.

Just because you elect a hearing (or hire a lawyer) does not mean you are guaranteed no points. Learn more about this on my ⚖ Traffic Ticket Guarantees page.

4. Think You Are Too Late To Fight Your Ticket – You’re Probably Wrong

Even if you are past 30-days since you received your ticket, odds are we can still help. The 30-day time frame is just the period you have to make an election before a late fee is applied. A traffic ticket lawyer can elect a hearing for you up to 180-days after you receive the ticket.

Tickets that are past the 30-day window and possibly in collections require special attention. Don’t worry – we can help you straighten that out too.

NOTE: We are not responsible for late fees, reinstatement fees, fines or court costs. Keep in mind that you have 30 days from the date you received the ticket to make an election. If you hire us after 25 days since you received the ticket we cannot promise that the election will be made before 30 days has expired.

Ticket Mandatory Court Date?

If your traffic ticket requires you to go to court then it is either:

1. a civil infraction that requires a mandatory hearing;

A. Ticket resulting in a crash causing death or serious bodily injury,

B. Passing school bus stopped with children entering/exiting,

C. Dropped/dropping loads from vehicles,

D. Exceeding speed limit by 30+mph.

2. or, it is a criminal traffic ticket (DUI, Leaving the Scene, etc.).

If it is a ⚖ criminal citation go HERE for more information or just submit the form above. Either way it is no problem – we handle criminal cases too!

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