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Benefits of Hiring A Traffic Lawyer

  • Hiring a ticket lawyer puts courtroom experience on your side.
  • Hire and go on with life; don’t miss work, don’t worry.
  • It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s inexpensive.

Benefits of Representation

Tickets may seem minor but traffic tickets can lead to driver’s license suspensions. License suspensions can lead to criminal charges. Additionally, avoiding points will save your a lot more on your insurance rates than paying our fee.

We represent people for all traffic related charges. This includes minor civil traffic tickets all the way to serious criminal charges such as Driving While License Suspended, DUI, and Racing. Having a Traffic Lawyer represent you means you won’t be in court alone or at all.

Avoid Receiving Points on Your License

Our #1 Goal is to make sure your driver’s license is protected. Avoiding points is the key to this. The best way to avoid points is to have your ticket dismissed. Traffic school is another sure-fire way to avoid points. However, there are a few reasons why you may not be eligible for traffic school or why it may not be possible:

  • If you have a Commercial Driver’s License you cannot take a driving school to avoid points.
  • If you have elected a driving school within the past 12-months you cannot elect driving school.
  • If you have elected driving school 5-times in the past you are no longer eligible to elect a driving school.
  • If the ticket requires a mandatory hearing.
  • If you cannot pay the traffic ticket in full within 30-days of the ticket you cannot elect traffic school.

If You Cannot Elect A Driving School – Hire Us

If you cannot elect school, need more time to pay, or you want to contest the ticket, the best way to do this would be to hire a us. By hiring our office we will do the following:

  • represent you in court for your ticket,
  • notify you that we requested a hearing,
  • notify you of the hearing date,
  • cover the hearing on your behalf,
  • determine the best solution to your situation,
  • emphasis on getting your citation dismissed or reduced,
  • keep the points off of your driving record, and
  • notify you of the results.

Even if the Court orders you to take a driving school, it will not count toward one of your 5-lifetime traffic school elections.

Hiring us for your traffic ticket may result in:

  • Getting your traffic ticket dismissed,
  • Getting your traffic ticket reduced,
  • Keep Points off your license,
  • Reducing the fine,
  • Extending the length of time to pay, or
  • Protect your driver’s license from a suspension.

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