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Benefits of Hiring A Traffic Lawyer

  • Hiring a ticket lawyer puts courtroom experience on your side.
  • Hire and go on with life; don’t miss work, don’t worry.
  • It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s inexpensive.

Traffic Lawyer Representation

A traffic lawyer is a criminal defense lawyer that focuses on traffic law. This includes minor civil traffic tickets all the way to serious criminal charges such as Driving While License Suspended, DUI, and Racing. Having a Traffic Lawyer represent you means you won’t be in court alone or at all.

Criminal Traffic Tickets; Criminal Traffic Lawyer

  • Criminal Traffic Law violations have serious consequences.
  • They can have collateral consequences that affect your driver’s license.
  • You can face a long driver’s license suspension.
  • Knowing how to address these issues is a critical part of your defense.

If you are charged with a criminal traffic offense you need a criminal traffic attorney. For more information on criminal traffic defense go to my Criminal Traffic Defense page.

Bolware v. State, 995 So.2d 268 (Fla. 2008): The fact that the defendant could receive a license suspension from the DMV as a result of his plea is a collateral consequence of the plea, and the failure of counsel to tell the defendant that fact before the plea is made is not ineffective assistance of counsel. (Meaning, if your attorney doesn’t tell you this, you are stuck.); See also, State v. Aiden, 118 So. 3d 264 (Fla. 3d DCA 2013)(which confirms the requirement of the court advising defendants of possible license revocations before each plea is taken.)

Why You Want To Hire A Traffic Lawyer For Your Ticket

Tickets may seem minor but traffic tickets can lead to driver’s license suspensions and license suspensions can lead to criminal charges. So the general point of hiring a traffic lawyer at the traffic ticket stage (besides fighting the ticket) is to avoid progressing to the criminal stage.

If You Do Not Want Points And You Can’t Take Traffic School

Traffic school is the sure-fire way to avoid points (see Point Suspensions). However, there are a few reasons why you may not be eligible for traffic school or why it may not be possible:

  • If you have a Commercial Driver’s License you cannot take a driving school to avoid points.
  • If you have elected a driving school within the past 12-months you cannot elect driving school.
  • If you have elected driving school 5-times in the past you are no longer eligible to elect a driving school.
  • If the ticket requires a mandatory hearing.
  • If you cannot pay the traffic ticket in full within 30-days of the ticket you cannot elect traffic school.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking The Traffic School Option

  • If you have a recent bad driving record and the ticket does not require a mandatory hearing.
  • If you think hiring a lawyer will magically make your ticket disappear.

If you can elect traffic school you should. It avoids court-costs (usually around $33) and removes points and you do not need to hire an attorney to do it. The school option doesn’t cost money (except for ticket fine and school) and it is a guarantee no-points solution to your ticket situation.

What If You Cannot Elect A Driving School

If you cannot elect school or you want to contest the ticket the best way to do this would be to hire a Traffic Lawyer. By hiring my office I will do the following:

  • notify you that I requested a hearing
  • notify you of the hearing date,
  • go to the hearing on your behalf,
  • determine the best solution to your situation,
  • emphasis on getting your citation dismissed or reduced, and
  • try to keep the points off of your driving record,
  • notify you of the results.

Have You Received A Driving While License Suspended Ticket

These are dangerous tickets. Just paying these tickets are a quick way to a 5-year license suspension (for more information on suspended driver’s license).

In most cases these are some of the easiest tickets to get dismissed if you hire a ticket lawyer. Despite this, these tickets cause more pain than any other because most people do not take care of them properly.

You should never just pay a Driving While License Suspended ticket. One of the lawyer benefits is getting these tickets dismissed.

Toll Tickets: We Can Save You Money

The typical fine for a toll violation is $262. With late fees and a collection company fee it can easily reach near to $400. A lawyer can usually get your fines reduced significantly – another one of the lawyer benefits. See my Toll Ticket Page.

Speeding Tickets: Never Represent Yourself

Representing yourself in court is not a good idea for speeding tickets. There are no good excuses for driving over the speed limit. Have an attorney handle your speeding ticket and never appear in court – lawyer benefits. See my Speeding Ticket page.

For More Information

More information about tickets and driver’s licenses:

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