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Commercial Driver’s License Tickets

People who have spent the time and money to obtain a commercial driver’s license [CDL] must pay close attention to all the traffic laws, whether driving a commercial vehicle or their own personal vehicle. Any ticket that they receive has the potential for seriously affecting their CDL.

CDL Traffic Tickets

If you hold a CDL license you have unique issues with any traffic ticket you receive. Civil citations issued to you implicate not only your insurance premiums but also your employer’s insurance premiums. You need to take care of every ticket you receive regardless of where and when you got it.

Class A and B Licenses

If you have a Class A or Class B CDL, You know how important it is to keep your driving record spotless! Under Florida Law, if you receive a ticket you only have two options – pay the ticket or take it to court. Paying the ticket is automatic points.

CDL: One True Option Under Florida Law

Florida law is very hard on people who have a commercial driver’s license. If you received a ticket as a CDL driver, your options are limited. By law you cannot take a driving school to keep the points off your M. V. R..

This means you have one option – set your ticket for a hearing. Problem, you’re busy and you may not be around for the hearing. Solution, hire us.

Section 322.61, Florida Statutes

Section 322.61 of the Florida Statutes specifically deals with the circumstances when the DMV can disqualify a driver from operating a commercial motor vehicle. Of course, disqualification also means no employment as a commercial driver. I’ve broken down this law so it is easier to understand on my Florida CDL Law page.

CDL Driver’s: Found Guilty = Points

With CDL licenses, if you are found guilty it does not matter if Florida withholds the points. Your MVR is marked. There are only two ways to fix this:

  • Have the ticket dismissed, or
  • Have the ticket amended to a Non-Moving violation.

Electing A Hearing is Best Option

Since you cannot keep off the points any other way except by electing a traffic hearing and fighting your ticket to a dismissal or agreeing to an amendment, it is important that you make the correct election. Once ticketed you have 30 days to do this.

Only 30 days to Elect a Hearing Before Late Fees

All Florida citations should have the instructions for asking for a hearing on the ticket. If you hire us, we will elect the hearing for you.

You can elect a hearing up 180 days after you received the ticket

We have 180 days to elect a hearing for you. After 30-days, you will have to pay an additional $23 late fee.

Benefits of Hiring Us

Find out the benefits of hiring our firm to represent you for your CDL license defense. Every ticket is a potential problem. Avoid that – check out the benefits of hiring us today.

The Federal Reporting Requirements

Today, if you want to keep points off the only driving record that counts, you have to either have the ticket dismissed or amended to a non-moving violation.

Hiring A Traffic Lawyer To Save You Time And Money

We keep our fees low and our skills sharpened to provide the best possible representation to our clients. We have been representing drivers since 2005. We will file on your ticket, set it for a hearing, attend court, and send you the disposition. You don’t have to do anything.

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