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Fast, convenient service. We strive for no points and no court appearance. We cover everything for you. All you do is hire us for a low fee and we will set the ticket for a hearing, attend the hearing, deal with any delays, represent you at the hearing, and let you know your results.

Statewide Representation

Representation throughout the state of Florida. Our team represents you in the major cities to the rural, middle-of-nowhere areas. Police are everywhere and so are we.

No Points

Our main goal is to protect your driver’s license. To this end we strive for no points on your license. This can happen by getting the traffic ticket dismissed or adjudication withheld (found guilty but no points).

No Court Appearance

When you hire us you do not have to appear in court. We represent you and your appearance is waived. Let us go to court for you. This includes mandatory hearings on civil citations, such as speeding 30+mph over the speed limit. It does not include criminal traffic offenses (e.g., DUI, Racing, Leaving Scene, etc.)

Email You Your Paperwork

Once the case has been heard we email you the paperwork. You’ll know everything that occurred and what has to be done from there. Remember, our goal is to make sure your driver’s license is not in danger of being suspended. We want to keep you on the road!

We Are Your Traffic Ticket Fighting Team

Remember, stop promptly, be courteous, accept the tickets, say nothing bad to the police, and contact us. Let us deal with the tickets. You deal with everything but those tickets!

-Benefits of Hiring Our Office To Represent You

I handle all kinds of tickets from speeding tickets and toll tickets to serious accident cases. Whether you have a regular license or a commercial driver’s license. BY HIRING OUR OFFICE you will save the time spent:

  • Contacting the Clerk of Court (I notify you when it is done).
  • Electing a hearing (I notify you of the hearing date).
  • Going to the hearing (I notify you of the result).
  • Dealing with continuances and delays (I notify you of delays).
  • Preparing your case.

Or if you just want to have someone else deal with your traffic tickets – a ticket lawyer can do everything. I can make the election for a hearing, go to court, deal with delays, bring the knowledge of the law, and in most cases – you never have to appear in court. If I need you to appear at the hearing (usually for a ticket involving an accident) I will let you know.

-Our Goal When Representing You in Court

Orlando Ticket Lawyer GOAL is to try and have your ticket:

  • dismissed,
  • keep points off,
  • avoid traffic school, and/or
  • reduce the fine amount.

NOTE: Understand that none of that may occur. By electing a hearing the court can assess a fine up to $500 (rare) and/or require you to attend a driving school. Our results depend on your driving history and the nature of the current ticket. Our main goal is to protect your privilege to drive. Keeping points off is a priority.

4. Think You Are Too Late To Fight Your Ticket – You’re Probably Wrong

Even if you are past 30-days since you received the ticket, odds are we can still help. The 30-day time frame is just the period you have to make an election before a late fee is applied. A ticket lawyer can elect a hearing for you up to 180-days after you receive the ticket.

Tickets that are past the 30-day window and possibly in collections require special attention. Don’t worry – we may be able to straighten it out for you.

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