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Red Light Camera Ticket

$45 Representation Fee for
Red Light Camera Tickets
Orange County, Florida Only

If your red light camera ticket is past due, the fee is $75.

Dealing With The Red Light Camera Tickets

There was a time when traffic attorneys were fighting the red light camera ticket and winning. For about 4 years we consistently got these tickets dismissed. That ship has long sailed for reasons I will not write down here.

Today we can consistently lower the fine and stop it from being a conviction. And we can help by providing you information on what to do if you get one of these – read on.

The Notice of Violation = $158

If you receive the Notice of Violation, you need to read it thoroughly. Understand what it is saying, and look at the photos and watch the video.

If you remember that it was you driving the vehicle on that day or you want to take responsibility for it – pay the $158 to the out-of-state company listed on the Notice. This is the lowest cost method to make sure you do not receive a ticket.

Not You Driving

If it was not you driving and you do not want to take responsibility you must fill out the affidavit (see the Notice for information on the affidavit) have it notarized and send it to the company. They will issue a new Notice in the name of the actual driver of the vehicle. NOTE: It is not a defense to tell the court you were not driving. You must follow the instructions and fill out the affidavit.

⛔ Do Not Set An Administrative Hearing

Do not set it for an administrative hearing. These are show-trials, heard by people hired by the municipality who has the cameras. You will lose and they will tack on upwards of $250 in addition to the $158.

There is nothing you can say at those hearings to change their minds about your guilt. Saying it was not you will not work.

Our Advice: Pay the $158

If you pay the $158 at this stage, it will disappear. No ticket will be issued. It won’t be on anyone’s driving record. In fact, the DMV will never know it occurred.

If you do not pay the $158 and no affidavit is sent pursuant to the instructions on the Notice of Violation, a red light camera ticket will be issued.

The Red Light Camera Ticket = $262

The red light camera ticket is easily distinguishable from the Notice by the fact that it is asking you to pay $262. It is also mailed to you via certified mail – meaning you have to sign for it.

If you work, odds are you will receive a notice that you have to go to the post office to pick up the certified letter. Pick it up. That notice is evidence that it has been delivered.

What We Do For You

We will:

  • Enter the case.
  • Set it for a hearing.
  • Attend the hearing.
  • Tell you what happened.

Our typically outcome is a reduced fine to $158. The Court will add $33 in costs. We will have the court withhold the adjudication (no conviction) so that your insurance isn’t affected. Typically you get 60 days to pay this.

Contesting the Red Light Camera Ticket

If you received a red light camera ticket you must review the video before you think about contesting it.

If you truly believe you did not run the red light, then you can challenge red light camera tickets at the hearing (meaning, don’t accept the offer of the reduced fine). Note that it is not a defense if:

  • You ran it within a second of it turning red.
  • You carefully and prudently rolled through the right turn without coming to a complete stop.
  • It was not you driving and you don’t know who was.
  • The big truck ahead of you blocked the view of the light until it was too late.

If that is what you want us to do, our fee is $250. You had better be sure that the front of your vehicle has passed the stop bar before the light turned red in the video. Do not rely on the still pictures.

Past Due Tickets

If you received a red light camera ticket (asking $262) and it is over 30 or more days since the date it was issued (found on the ticket) we can still help you.

Our fee for past due tickets is $75. There is also a $23 late fee that you must pay to the Clerk of Court to avoid a license suspension. You will be notified by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles [DMV] that a pending suspension is coming and it will give you about 2-weeks to pay the late fee.

If you try to pay the late fee before we have entered the case, you must request a hearing for the ticket at the time you pay. Do not pay the ticket – just the late fee. ANd do not ask for an extension of time, ask to set it for a hearing.

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