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Speeding Ticket

Remember this about Florida speeding tickets.

  • Getting a speeding ticket in Florida can be costly.
  • They can impact your insurance rates dramatically.
  • Just paying a speeding ticket will add at least 3 points to your driving record.
  • Speeding ticket representation starts at just $99 depending on the ticket.

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Fighting Speeding Tickets in Florida

Never just pay a Central Florida speeding tickets. The speeding ticket cost is much more than just the fine. Just paying a speeding ticket is a sure way to:

  • raise your insurance rates,
  • lose job opportunities, and
  • possibly lose your driver’s license.

What You Should Do When You Get A Speeding Ticket

Within 30-days of receiving a speeding ticket you need to make an “election.” These are your three election options:

  • Just pay the ticket and get points (Do Not Do This)*.
  • Elect to take the driving school*.
  • Set your ticket for a hearing.

*If your speeding ticket is for driving 30+ MPH over the speed limit you cannot just pay or elect driving school. You will be required to have a hearing.

If you want a hearing – hire us and we will do everything for you – You don’t even have to go to the hearing!

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Florida Speeding Tickets; We Set Hearing and Attend It For You

You can hire us immediately after you receive a speeding ticket and we will set it for hearing. We will do one or more of the following:

  • Keep you from having to attend the hearing (even if mandatory).
  • Keep the points off your license.
  • Keep you from having to take a driving school*.
  • Negotiate a lower fine (amending the infraction).
  • Have the ticket dismissed.

*Even if a school is required by the court it will not count towards the five that you can elect in a lifetime.

Note: We cannot guarantee an outcome for any Orlando tickets. We will do everything we can to ensure the best possible outcome, however we have no control of who the hearing officer will be, what your driving record reflects, what the law enforcement officer’s attitude is. Our main focus is protecting your right to drive.

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Were You Cited on the Florida Turnpike?

We can help you with a speeding ticket your received on the turnpike. Many people from out-of-state travel on the Florida turnpike and receive tickets. We can help you regardless of where you received your turnpike ticket.

Florida Speeding Ticket Cost

Hiring a lawyer for a speeding ticket is an inexpensive alternative to accumulating points, higher insurance rates, and point suspensions.

Speeding ticket fines vary based on the speed you were going. Being cited for speeding between 5-10 mph over the limit is the least expensive fine (usually around $130). Speeding 30+mph over the speed limit is between $356 and $500 (unless we get the ticket amended or dismissed).

Representation for speeding tickets depends a great deal on the speed involved. Most tickets are just $99.00.

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You can hire us today if you have received a speeding ticket or any Orlando tickets. It is a simple process. All we need you to do is fill out the form (above) and we will contact you to get started.

When you have us represent you, we make sure you:

  • Understand the representation.
  • Know when we have filed on the case.
  • Know when your ticket is set for a hearing.
  • Know what the outcome of the hearing is soon after it is heard.
  • And we send you a copy of the disposition for your records (when possible).

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