Florida Turnpike Tickets Patrolled by Aircraft

Florida Turnpike Tickets

Florida turnpike tickets usually involve speeding. If you received a speeding ticket or any other kind of ticket on the Florida Turnpike, contact us. We can represent you even if you are from out-of-state.

Florida Turnpike Tickets Lawyer

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The turnpike crosses many counties and we cover all of them. If you have gotten a ticket on the turnpike consider hiring us to represent you in court. By hiring a lawyer you will not have to appear in almost all types of Florida turnpike tickets.

The Florida Turnpike

The Florida Turnpike stretches from Wildwood in the North all the way down to Florida City in the South. It is a long straight highway with an average speed limit of 70 mph. For these reasons it is tempting to exceed the speed limit and it often catches people visiting from out-of-state. The Florida Highway Patrol has assigned a specialized unit (Troop K) to patrol just the turnpike.

Tickets Given to Out-of-State Drivers

We can help people who are only visiting Florida for all their traffic ticket needs. Florida has certain unique situations that require special attention. Driving 30+mph over the speed limit requires a hearing – we can go instead of you and handle this situation. Lack of proof of insurance or registration requires that proof of those documents be provided to the court – we can handle that too. Any ticket, we handle.

Speeding and the Speed Limit on the Florida Turnpike

The speed limit on the turnpike is almost always 70 mph. The easiest way you can avoid a ticket is to use your cruise control.

Typically, the Troopers patrolling the turnpike don’t stop people for doing less than 80 mph. I rarely have people calling me about a speeding ticket on the turnpike that is less than 80 mph. That being said there is no “I did not know” defense to driving faster than 70 mph. That is the top legal speed in Florida.

Once you are at your cruising speed set your cruise control to no more than 75 mph and enjoy the ride. Remember, even at 70 mph a crash is often deadly.

The Florida Highway Patrol, Troop K

Troop K of the Florida Highway Patrol has the duty patrolling the entire turnpike. They do a very good job. They are equipped with radar that can detect speed while stationary and while moving. You cannot outrun the FHP on the turnpike because there is always another unit ahead of you. They also have aircraft patrolling the long stretches from Jupiter up through Orlando all the way to Wildwood.

Navigating the Florida Turnpike (Continuously Updated)

The Florida Turnpike can be a very long drive. Knowing how long it is to the next exit or rest area is beneficial. Below I have listed some points of interest for the traveller by mile marker [MM]. The mile markers start from the south to the north. The higher number of the mile marker the further north you are:

  • MM116: Jupiter Exit.
  • MM138: St. Lucie County.
  • MM145: Port of St. Lucie Service Plaza.
  • MM173: Indian River County.
  • MM181: Okeechobee County.
  • MM185: No Name Service Plaza.
  • MM188.5: Indian River County
  • MM190.5: Osceola County
  • MM193: Yeehaw Junction, SR 60 Exit
  • MM229.5: Canoe Creek Service Plaza.
  • MM236: Toll Plaza (all lanes).

The Turnpike and the Move Over Law

The Florida Turnpike has only 2-lanes going each way north of West Palm Beach excluding the Orlando area. On any given day you will come across someone who has been stopped for speeding or a Road Ranger assisting a disabled vehicle. In both instances Florida law requires you to move over for these vehicles or slow down to, in this case, 50 mph when passing in the closest lane to the emergency vehicle. The Florida Highway Patrol enforces this statute.

Hire A Traffic Lawyer

You can fill out the form below or text me at 407-434-1858. I’ll need you to send me a copy of the ticket or text me your name as it appears on your driver’s license, the name of the county where this occurred (found on the ticket) and the ticket number.

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