Out-of-State Driver Traffic Tickets

Out-of-State Drivers

Out-of-state drivers visiting Florida tend to use the Florida Turnpike and other highways to travel to their destination. This is where the Florida Highway Patrol tickets people, mainly for speeding. Contact us if you have received a traffic ticket while visiting Florida.

We Will Take Care of that Traffic Ticket for You

Many people from other states get traffic tickets when visiting Florida. When you hire us for that long distance traffic ticket, we take care of everything:

We Set Your Traffic Ticket for a Hearing

You don’t have to worry about figuring out how to set your ticket for a hearing – we do it for you.

We Attend the Hearing for You

Even if you have a mandatory court appearance (for speeding 30+ MPH over the Speed Limit, or criminal infractions) we can appear for you. You don’t have to return to Florida to have your traffic ticket handled.

We Deal With All Delays

If the court resets the hearing for any reason, we deal with it. Maybe the officer that gave you the ticket is out on medical or military leave. This often happens and the ticket gets reset. No worries, we still have you covered.

Low Fee, High Convenience

Typical speeding tickets are just $99. We try to keep the cost down and the convenience as high as possible. We want to make sure when you next visit Florida you drive safe and don’t worry if you get another ticket – we have you covered.

Once we are hired, we will notify you:

  • When we file on the case.
  • When your hearing is scheduled.
  • What result we achieved.

We want to keep you informed so that your stress level is low, low.

Our Goal, No Stress While You Are Visiting Florida.

Enjoy Florida and know that should you receive a ticket while here you have a lawyer to call to help you deal with it when you get home.

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