Types of Traffic Tickets

We will represent you for any ticket that has been issued by a Florida law enforcement agency (excluding administrative citations for commercial drivers).

Information on Specific Traffic Tickets

Below we have links [⚖] to specific types of traffic tickets that we commonly represent drivers for in court.

⚖ Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets are the most common ticket we defend in court.

⚖ Toll Tickets

Toll tickets are costly. Let us show you how to save money on all those toll tickets.

⚖ CDL (Commercial Drivers)

Commercial drivers have their license and their jobs to protect. We can help.

⚖ Red Light Camera Tickets

Some sage advice about red light camera tickets and how to handle them.

⚖ Traffic Accident Tickets

Traffic accidents happen. They can come in many forms. We can represent you on all of them.

⚖ Suspended Driver’s Licenses

Suspended driver’s licenses are very serious. Florida law can suspended your license for up to 5-years for repeatedly having a suspended driver’s license. Let us help you reinstate your license and show you how to avoid this in the future.

For More Information About Traffic Ticket Representation

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More Information about Traffic Ticket Defense:

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