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Eric Dirga, Attorney

Eric J. Dirga - Member of the Florida Bar since 1995; Middle District of Florida 1998; Eleventh Circuit 2001; United States Supreme Court since 2002; Southern District of Florida 2014. Graduated University of Florida, College of Law 1995.

I grew up in the Central Florida area graduating from High School in Brevard County. After High School I was looking for direction and attended the Auxiliary Law Enforcement Academy and served as an auxiliary deputy sheriff in Brevard County. I was also trying to put myself through college.

Volunteering with the Sheriff's Department quickly proved to be an unacceptable method of financing college tuition (which at the time was $30 per credit hour). The struggle to pay for school reflected in my progress and my grades.

Military Service

In 1984 I had to do something to better my situation. It was obvious to me that my goals could not be achieved without some kind of financial assistance. At the time, military service was looked down upon by most people. It was considered a last resort career choice for officers and a poor house for the enlisted ranks. I had almost joined the Marines right out of High School but a swollen lymph gland in my neck sent me home from the last MEPS physical. I almost joined the Air Force a year earlier but thought better of it.

Finally, on a June day in 1984 during a week vacation from K-Mart I decided enough was enough. I got up and went to the recruiting station. I can't remember his name but that recruiter never had an easier "sell." I told him I wanted a 2-year commitment and the college fund. By the time I had gone back to MEPS and took the physical I had signed for a 4x4 year commitment and was on my way to basic a month later.

I ended up spending my four active years in language school in California and was stationed at Ft. Hood, TX. During my time in the Army I learned responsibility and discipline and met the best people I would ever meet while on this Earth. I was honorably discharged from active service in 1988.

While in college after my discharge I was in the Individual Ready Reserve. I was able to enter a reserve unit in Jacksonville but in a year it was shut down. I then transferred to an Army National Guard unit only to realize that it was like being in a civil war regiment with all the "local" families and politics. I left the army for good in 1991 and my IRR commitment ended a year later.

Education and Law School

After graduating High School I tried to put myself through college. Initially, this was at the local community college. Community Colleges back then were there just to provide 2-year degrees in something useful or in preparation to enter a 4-year university. Today they have all changed their names to "State College" offering a few 4-year degrees and pushing their tuition higher.

I was able to scratch and claw my way to a 2.4 GPA in 24 credit hours over three years. A change had to happen. I joined the Army and received the financial aid I needed, along with the discipline. After I got out of the Army I went back to a community college in northern central Florida and in a year I obtained my Associates degree and raised my GPA to a 3.0. More importantly, I was accepted to the University of Florida.

During my time at UF undergrad I worked through a VA work program and became the VA liason for students. I also entered the Army Reserve/National Guard and boosted my income to just under $12K/year.

In 1991 I graduated UF with a Bachelor of Arts and raising my GPA to a solid 3.4 (3.9 in my major). Unfortunately, I did not want to pursue a higher degree in my major. I took a year off and applied to several law schools. That summer, while working back in a VA program at the local community college I received my acceptance letter into the University of Florida College of Law.

Not having a clue what to expect I made preparations to begin in the Spring semester. I sold my car, rented an efficiency for $230/month and bought a bicycle. I also took out student loans.

I was able to finish law school in two and a half years and passed the bar a month later. I also scored a job at the Office of the State Attorney in Orlando, Florida.

Legal Experience

Upon graduating law school, I was immediately hired by the State Attorney's Office of the Ninth Judicial Circuit at $26K/year. There were 12 hires with me at the time. I began by prosecuting misdemeanor cases in County Court. Seeking justice soon became a game of one-upsmanship. Who could go to trial the most, who got the hardest sentence, who could convince a court that a particular common object was actually drug paraphernalia? It all became very depressing very quickly. Justice took a back seat to conviction rates.

After three years I had had enough and took the opportunity to accept an offer from a prominent attorney. The job was great but after 9 months I wanted to be solo. I opened my first office after that and a year later partnered with a friend. Unfortunately, that partnership, like most marriages, did not work out although we both remained friends.

I went back to the State Attorneys Office and regrouped. With the knowledge I had gained being on the defense side of things I was able to turn the corner and made my short time back there productive for justice and for my mental health. I sought justice in a practical way and, had I not wanted to open my own office again, would have enjoyed that position very well.

The National Trial Lawyers

I left the State Attorney's Office for the last time in 2002. I opened my own office again and have not looked back. I enjoy helping people in areas where people truly need help and in areas I have the knowledge to actually help them. I have over a hundred trials, I'm in court just about every day, and I limit my practice. In 2015, I was accepted as a member of the National Trial Lawyers.

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Outside Interests

In 2010, I became a SCUBA Instructor. I don't instruct much anymore but still try to get in one class a year. Diving opened up a completely different world to me and has introduced me to a great group of people.

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