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Orlando Attorney Eric J. Dirga has been a prosecutor and a private criminal defense lawyer for over 27 years. Today he focuses on expunging criminal records, for people who have an arrest record and are finding it difficult to overcome. He also represents people for criminal defense, criminal and non-criminal traffic offenses and driver’s license issues. 

He began his career in 1995. His practice has always been in and around the Central Florida area, and statewide for expungements.

☛ Over 27-years experience.

☛ Over 100 jury trials.

☛ Published appellate cases.

☛ Practice in courtrooms throughout Florida.

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Florida Record Expungements

Statewide Florida Expungement Representation

Traffic Ticket Lawyer and Speeding Ticket lawyer

Traffic Ticket Defense

Traffic Ticket and Driver’s License Defense

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Central Florida Criminal Defense

Over 25 years experience

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Criminal Traffic Offenses

DUIs, Racing, Leaving the Scene, Suspended License, etc.

Orlando Criminal Lawyer Objective: Defend, Exonerate, Expunge

Since 2002, Orlando Lawyer Eric J Dirga has assisted people who have been charged with criminal acts, traffic infractions, and helped people expunge those criminal records. We provide expungement and sealing information throughout my website to help you get this done. Eric J Dirga is a Florida Expungement Attorney with statewide experience and statewide representation.

Some of our online reviews…

I was unfairly charged by law enforcement, but receiving an expungement can be difficult and seemingly impossible in the State of Florida. Eric Dirga got the job done! He provided excellent, professional, and compassionate service. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.

“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Dirga to seal my record. With my busy schedule, I dreaded having to make appointments to get this process done. Mr. Dirga made the process painless and very easy. We communicated via e-mail, not one office visit needed. He provided very helpful instructions and kept me informed. Within 11 months my record was sealed. I highly recommend Mr. Dirga.”

I am an attorney from Tennessee and my daughter was charged with underage drinking. Mr. Dirga met with her, evaluated her situation and surmised that under her circumstances she did not need to hire him. He further explained to her what all she needed to do and encouraged her to call back at no charge. Mr. Dirga embodies what great and honest lawyers are all about!

Mr. Dirga did an amazing job for me! I had toll notices go to an old address and by the time I found out about them they were up to $630!! He went to court for me and was able to get one of the 2 tickets dismissed and my total fees knocked down to $164. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!!

Great lawyer, extremely professional, informative, and most of all effective. Kept me informed throughout the entire process. Was able to get all charges dismissed as well as fines reduced. Was a long process but well worth the wait. Best part about Mr. Dirga? That he does not make promises like all the other money hungry traffic ticket firms. Tells you how it is and executes to the fullest of his abilities. Would definitely recommend.

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Over 27+ years experience with no disciplinary referrals.