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Since 1995 I have have been practicing criminal law in the State of Florida. First as a prosecutor and now as a Florida defense lawyer and expungement attorney. Today I practice in the areas of criminal law, traffic defense , and criminal record expungement.

Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

I practice in the area of criminal defense, criminal arrest record expungements, and traffic defense. I am a Florida Defense Lawyer in the criminal and infraction arena. Click on the pictures below for more specific information on my areas of practice:

Expungement of Criminal Records

florida expungement attorney

Removing the Past for a Better Tomorrow

I have been expunging and sealing records for 20 years and I can represent you across the State of Florida for your criminal record expungement or sealing needs.

Traffic Ticket Defense

Orlando Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Experienced Traffic Defense Lawyer

Defending your Traffic Tickets and your Criminal Traffic Charges so that these issues don’t have long term consequences is a priority. Keep your license and keep driving.

Criminal Defense

Central Florida Criminal Defense

Experienced Legal Counsel

Representing people accused of breaking the law is a serious business but so is charging people. Defend your Rights and your prosperity whenever erroneously accused.

Contact Florida Defense Lawyer

Florida Expungement Lawyer

Criminal record expungement and criminal defense go hand in hand. Knowing what qualifies to be sealed or expunged is vital in carving out an appropriate resolution to a criminal case. This website is meant to be informative for you. There is a lot of information put here for everyone’s benefit. Use it and contact me for assistance in clearing your record.

Traffic Tickets, Suspensions, and all things Driving Lawyer

You can’t do what you have to do if you can’t drive your car/truck. Florida has many ways to take away your driver’s license, not all are helpless. I may be able to help you. Check out my Traffic Defense page and let me know if you need my help. This Florida Defense Lawyer may be able to “unsuspend” your driver’s license.

Florida Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of a crime, have issues with traffic tickets, suspended driver’s license, or anything related to driving, you can contact me for help. I have been a criminal law attorney since 1995 in the Central Florida Area. I represent people from DUIs and Domestic Violence Battery all the way to traffic tickets. My goal is to get you out and/or keep you out of trouble.

The Goal is to Defend, Exonerate, and Expunge or Seal Your Criminal Record

Since 2002 I have assisted people who have been charged with criminal acts, traffic infractions, and helped people expunge those criminal records. I provide expungement and sealing information throughout my website to help you get this done. I am a Florida Expungement Attorney with statewide experience and statewide representation.

I focus on helping you clear your criminal record either by expunging it or sealing it. This allows you to obtain better employment, housing, and remove the embarrassment of a youthful mistake. See my Expungement FAQs page.

For traffic tickets, our goal is to always seek dismissal first, no points, no school, and minimize the fine. The main objective is to make sure your Driver’s License remains in good order. See my helpful ticket info page.

Nationwide Expungement Attorneys

Click Seal and Expunge to go to nationwide expungement representation. This is a list of individual expungement lawyers in other states. The list provides you with contact information of these attorneys so that you can contact them yourself. This is to help you find the lawyer you need – the one that will actually be working on your case. I do not receive anything from these attorneys for listing them on my site. (AVOID all nationwide single law offices. An office based in California is not going to give you the service or experience you need if your expungement is in another state.)

Professional Service

I provide professional service and strict confidentiality for all clients. I will explain your legal situation to you as it is viewed legally, answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the legal process with honest straightforward assessments each step along the way.