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Criminal Attorney

Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer. I provide criminal defense, arrest record expungements, and criminal and civil traffic case defense for people in Central Florida. 

☛ Over 20-years experience.

☛ Over 100 jury trials.

☛ Published appellate cases.

☛ Practice in courtrooms throughout Florida.


Expungement of Criminal Records

florida record expungements attorney eric j dirga

I have been expunging and sealing records for over 20 years. I have and continue to represent people, just like you, across the entire State of Florida. Florida has one of the most robust expungement and sealing statutes in the nation. Find out if you qualify, how much it costs, how long it takes to complete, and the benefits you can have by expunging or sealing your criminal record. Click or touch the photo for more information about this critical service.

Traffic Ticket Defense

Orlando Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Experienced Traffic Defense Lawyer

We have and continue to represent people for civil and criminal traffic tickets. Since 2002, people have relied on our representation when they have received traffic tickets. These include Speeding, Careless Driving, DUI, Racing, Suspended License, and more. Protect your driving privilege in and outside the State of Florida. Click or touch the photo for more information on our representation in this area.

Criminal Traffic Defense

Central Florida Criminal Defense
Experienced Legal Counsel

Since 1995, we have practiced criminal defense in the Central Florida area. During this time, we have helped people get their charges dismissed, obtained reduced penalties, and/or avoid jail. Every criminal charge is serious. Assert your Rights and protect your prosperity whenever accused of a criminal act. Click of touch the photo for more information on these services. 

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Florida Expungement Attorney

Criminal record expungement and criminal defense go hand in hand. Knowing what qualifies to be sealed or expunged is vital in carving out an appropriate resolution to a criminal case.

⚖ Florida Expungements

Tickets; Suspensions; all things Driving

Traffic tickets can lead to higher insurance rates, suspensions, and criminal charges if not handled properly. We can help you navigate these dangerous waters, protecting your driver’s license and keeping you on the road.

⚖ Traffic Ticket Defense

Orlando Criminal Lawyer

Anyone and everyone can be charged with a crime. We deal with criminal charges every day. Don’t try and resolve your case without the advice of counsel. Often it is what you don’t know that eventually causes you the most harm.

⚖ Criminal Charges

The Objective: Defend, Exonerate, Expunge

Since 2002, We have assisted people who have been charged with criminal acts, traffic infractions, and helped people expunge those criminal records. We provide expungement and sealing information throughout my website to help you get this done. Eric J Dirga is a Florida Expungement Attorney with statewide experience and statewide representation.

We focus on helping you clear your criminal record either by expunging it or sealing it. This allows you to obtain better employment, housing, and remove the embarrassment of a youthful mistake.

For traffic tickets, our goal is to always seek dismissal first, no points, no school, and minimize the fine. The main objective is to make sure your Driver’s License remains in good order.

I also provide Information on Record Searches, Certified Record Retrieval and Notary Services, and post Blogs regarding the areas of the law that I practice in.

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