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Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Florida Traffic Ticket Defense

Have you received a traffic ticket? It’s time to hire a traffic ticket lawyer. We have represented many many people who have had the unfortunate situation of receiving a ticket. Our main goal is to protect your driving privilege but we often have success getting tickets completely dismissed!

Once hired, we:

  • set your traffic ticket for a hearing,
  • inform you of the date of the hearing,
  • attend the hearing for you,
  • use our experience and legal knowledge to provide the best outcome possible,
  • and let you know what happened in a timely fashion.

Traffic Tickets We Cover and Where

Traffic tickets are annoying, expensive, and time consuming. Avoid all of that by hiring a traffic ticket lawyer.



  • Central Florida
    • Orlando (Orange County)
    • Daytona/Deland (Volusia County)
    • Viera (Brevard County)
    • Sanford (Seminole County)
    • Kissimmee (Osceola County)
    • Tavares (Lake County)
  • All Other Florida Areas, Contact Me.

Possible Outcomes

Our goal is always to get your ticket dismissed. If that is not a possibility, we try to reduce the fine, minimize the infraction, and keep points off.

  • No points (no conviction) – helps with insurance costs.
  • No school – no one really likes having to take a driving school so we try to have you avoid that.
  • Amend the Charge – this can help lower the fine and keep a moving violation off your record (CDLs).
  • Reduce the Fine – paying less is always good.

However, depending on circumstances of the stop, your driving history, and factors such as hearing officer/judge – none of that may occur. The court can set a fine of up to $500 (extremely rare) when a hearing is elected.

You Only Have 30 Days to Act

You have 30 days from the day you received the traffic ticket to decide what to do before you receive a late fee. You have three options during those 30 days:

  • Pay The Traffic Ticket and receive points (don’t do this).
  • Elect Traffic School and avoid points (does not require a lawyer).
  • Elect A Traffic Ticket Hearing (hire a traffic ticket lawyer).

Past 30 Days?

Even if you are past the 30 days, we can help. Although you can no longer elect the traffic school option after thirty days, we can still elect a hearing up to 180 days after you receive the ticket.

If you have received a letter from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles [DHSMV] that says your license is or will be suspended, contact me immediately. We can fix this.

1. ⛔ Never Just Pay The Traffic Ticket ⛔

If you just pay the traffic ticket without electing a hearing or traffic school you will be assessed points. Points lead to:

  • ☢ Higher Insurance Rates.
  • ☢ Driver’s License Suspensions.

2. Elect A Driving School

Florida law allows you to elect a driving school once every 12 months up to five times in your lifetime for most traffic tickets. You should take this option if you do not hire a lawyer.

Reasons You May Not Be Eligible for Traffic School
  • You have already elected driving school five times.
  • You have elected driving school within the last 12-months.
  • You have a Commercial Driver’s License.
  • Your ticket requires a mandatory court hearing.

3. Elect a Hearing – Hire Us

If you want to elect a hearing we would strongly suggest that you hire us to represent you. In fact, don’t bother electing the hearing – when you hire us, we will do everything for you.

Our goal is to protect your driving privilege. Dismissal is the best way to protect it. Keeping points off, reducing the fine, and avoiding having to go to driving school are also benefits.

NOTE: We are not responsible for late fees, reinstatement fees, fines or court costs. Keep in mind that you have 30 days from the date you received the ticket to make an election. If you hire us after 25 days since you received the ticket we cannot promise that the election will be made before 30 days has expired and you may still have to pay the late fee.

Ticket Mandatory Court Date?

If your traffic ticket requires you to go to court then it is either:

1. a civil infraction that requires a mandatory hearing;

A. Ticket resulting in a crash causing death or serious bodily injury,

B. Passing school bus stopped with children entering/exiting,

C. Dropped/dropping loads from vehicles,

D. Exceeding speed limit by 30+mph.

2. or, it is a criminal traffic ticket (Racing on Highway, Leaving the Scene, etc.).

If it is a ⚖ criminal citation go HERE for more information or just submit the form below. Either way it is no problem – we handle criminal cases too! And, if you hire us, you won’t have to go to that mandatory hearing.

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