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Florida Toll Tickets

Florida Toll Tickets are typically different than other tickets. You receive toll tickets in the mail long after the violation has happened. The fine amount, although usually noted before the toll booths to be $100, are actually $262. And sometime you never receive notification because you have moved and you only find out due to a license suspension. I can help you with either of these situations.

Save Money; Don’t Pay That Ticket or Enter into a Payment Plan

If you let us elect a hearing for your toll tickets, we can usually reduce the fine and save you money – even with our fee! Do not enter into a payment plan contract with the Clerk – that just adds money to what you owe (see below).

Defending Florida Toll Tickets

There are two toll authorities that issue Florida toll tickets; SunPass (which is the statewide toll authority) and E-Pass (which is the toll authority for central Florida).


SunPass has been converting to a toll-by-plate system. This means even if you do not have a SunPass transponder they will still collect the toll by notification. The address used is the address of the registered owner of the vehicle – who is also the person on the hook for the toll. SunPass no longer issues Florida toll tickets. Instead, they place a lien on the registered owner’s tag. If you owe SunPass tolls you will find out when you go to re-register your vehicle around your birthday.

E-Pass, The Central Florida Expressway Authority

E-Pass is the transponder service for the Central Florida Expressway Authority and shares the tolls on the toll roads surrounding Orlando. They also use toll-by-plate technology, however they still issue Florida toll tickets. The main counties where they have a presence (and issue the most tickets) are Orange and Seminole counties. They tend to not issue tickets until a vehicle (registered owner of a vehicle) has failed to pay for numerous tolls. Once the tickets start to appear, they will continue to trickle out at $262 a pop.

How to Defend the Toll Tickets Once they Start

If you have begun receiving these Florida toll tickets then hire us to represent you. We set our fee so that in the end you are saving money. We get the fine reduced and we get your ticket pulled out of collections. Often, by the time you find out about the ticket it has already gone to collections. This means each ticket, if you decide to just pay it, is now at $300 or more.

Do Not Enter Into A Payment Plan Contract

These payment contracts only add more money to what you owe. There is a $25 administrative fee just to start the contract and then each credit card payment towards your outstanding fees has an additional $3.99 service fee (or, as the Clerk’s office likes to call it, a “convenience fee”). Instead, hire us to settle your ticket for less than you owe.

Even if you think it is too late – it isn’t. Did you know you have 180 days from the issuance of the ticket to request a hearing. After 30 days a late fee will be assessed but your right to a hearing exists for 180 days!

What Does Hiring A Lawyer Cost?

By hiring our office we charge $60 per ticket and usually have the collection fee removed, no points, the fine reduced (usually to $50 or $100) and $33 court costs. Even at $100 fine, with court costs and my fee, you will save around $100 per ticket.

The Points With Florida Toll Tickets

Toll tickets are unique in that they can have points but not always. If you just pay the toll fine amount ($262) before it is late there are no points. However, in almost any other situation points will accrue. Even at the point of being able to just pay the ticket, it is cheaper to hire a lawyer.

Taking Care of the Accumulated Florida Tolls

Once you start receiving toll violation tickets you should contact the Central Florida Expressway Authority. You need to find out how many tolls have been run and the cost to take care of them. Before they become tickets the amount is only the price of the tolls themselves. You should try to pay them before they become $262 tickets.

Remember, It is the registered Owner who is Ticketed

Remember that the tolls and the Florida toll tickets are levied against the registered owner of the vehicle, not the actual driver. So be careful of who you let use your vehicle. Additionally, if you sell your car always take the tag off the vehicle and return it to the DMV/tag agency.

Contact For Toll Ticket Representation

If you would like information regarding toll ticket representation please contact us below. I cannot help with SunPass toll liens placed against your registration.

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