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➠ Florida Criminal Attorney ➠ Over 20 Years Experience in criminal defense ➠ Over 100 criminal defense Jury Trials ➠ Numerous Appellate Cases ➠ Representing people accused of criminal behavior in and around Central Florida.

Charged With A Crime in Florida

We can represent you for your legal defense. Criminal Attorney Eric Dirga has been practicing in the Central Florida area since 1995. He has successfully defended many people accused of crimes in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and surrounding counties.

When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you need to look at it as insurance. Insurance against being rolled over by the system. Having someone experienced in the law to look over your case and explain the pros and cons of certain options.

The role of a criminal defense attorney is not simply to take everything to trial. Some cases are not suitable for trial. Negotiated pleas are often the best solution. Others are suitable for trial based on the evidence, especially if you are truly innocent of the accusations.

However, the answers to your options are not apparent to the attorney until the criminal justice procedure begins. Once all the discovery has been reviewed, a coherent conversation can take place to decide the best options.

Criminal Attorney Background

  • Former Prosecutor
  • Felony Division
  • Appellate Division
  • Expunge Division
  • Private Practice since 2002

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Criminal Charges are Serious and Have Long Term Consequences

All criminal charges are serious and you should always consult with a Criminal Attorney before any decision is made. Possible penalties are:

  • incarceration (jail, prison),
  • fines,
  • probation or community control,
  • restrictions on movement,
  • loss of your driver’s license,
  • criminal record (for life),
  • deportation, and
  • financial penalties.

You have a Right to enter a plea of “Not Guilty” and the exercise of that Right cannot be used against you. Always enter a plea of Not Guilty and consult with a criminal attorney before you make any decision regarding your situation.

Violations of Probation

I also represent people for violating their probation. I have dedicated a separate page for information about my representation for probation violations.

Appellate Practice

I no longer do appeals. I can refer you to a specialist if that is an option you want to explore.

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