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The DIY Florida expungement book “Erase Your Record*” entered the market in 2018. It is a self help book assisting people who want to seal or expunge their own criminal record. It is written for someone with a single misdemeanor arrest but someone with multiple arrests or a felony arrest may be able to use this book after consultation with an expungement attorney.

Erase Your Record - DIY Florida Expungement Book

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The DIY Florida Expungement Book

Since the law is subject to change (as are the rules, procedures, etc.), the pages that follow are here to update and provide guidance to the readers when the changes occur or when they find the book unclear.

Updates and Corrections

Updates and corrections will be placed on the Addendum page (see link below). If you have the book it may be a good thing to browse this page every so often as you are going through it. This is especially true if you are confused. Before asking for a clarification on the form, below, first check the Addendum page for a possible correction or update.

Requesting Clarification

If you have the book and something is just not making sense to you, please fill out the form (below) and I will provide any necessary revision. This not only helps you, it helps me make the needed updates.

Before you submit your information, you should first check the Addendum page. It is possible that someone else had this same issue and the correction has already been listed.

Addendum Page

Whenever I have been asked to clarify the text of the book, or the law (or something else) has been changed making the current text unclear, I will try to clarify it and add it to the Addendum page as a quick reference for the users of the book. Review the Addendum page here.

Document Preparation Help

One of the big hurdles when trying to do your own Florida record sealing or expungement is crating the petition, affidavit, and the proposed order. Have an attorney prepare these forms for you. Submit your information on the Document Preparation page.

*The book “Erase Your Record” is the sole property of Dirga Products, LLC.

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