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Central Florida Criminal Defense

Attorney Eric Dirga has been practicing criminal defense in the Central Florida area since 1995. First as a prosecutor and, starting in 2002, as a defense attorney.

Being accused of a crime is a serious matter. Your personal liberty is at stake. Having an attorney representing you that understands the judicial process, the evaluation of the evidence, and the pros and cons of going to trial is a necessity. When hiring a lawyer, look at experience and integrity. Not all questions that arise can be answered immediately, but all questions can be answered honestly.

As of January 1, 2023, I will be taking criminal cases on a limited basis.

Common Criminal Offenses in Central Florida

I have been a criminal defense lawyer for over 25 years. I have dealt with thousands of cases. Common offenses have a typical result but the facts matter! Each case is unique and each case has to be reviewed and represented on an individual basis.

Common Criminal Charges
  • Making Drugs
  • Forged Prescription
  • Stalking
  • Battery/Assault
  • Probation Violations
  • Shoplifting/Petit Theft
  • Grand Theft
  • Fraud
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Dealing in Stolen Property
  • Possession Drugs
  • Possession Paraphernalia
  • Selling Drugs
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence

Criminal Charges Have Long Term Consequences

All criminal charges are serious and you should always consult with a Criminal Defense Lawyer before any decision is made. Possible penalties are:

  • Incarceration (loss of liberty; jail/prison)
  • Probation (social restrictions)
  • Community Control (house arrest)
  • Restrictions on Movement
  • Restrictions or Loss of Driver’s License
  • Criminal Record (public record)
  • Fines (monetary)
  • Court Costs (monetary)
  • Restitution (monetary)
  • Cost of Investigation (monetary)
  • Deportation

Just Visiting Central Florida Tourist Defense

I represent visitors to Central Florida as well. Tourists make up a big part of our population and sometimes things happen. Accusations of theft, criminal mischief, and alcohol related crimes are common.

I have successfully represented people from out-of-state and from around the world.

Theme Park Criminal Defense

Offenses at places like Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World, happen all the time. Common charges are petit theft, criminal mischief, trespass. More serious charges do occur and we can handle those as well.

Criminal Defense From A Distance

We can represent you whether you are still in the Central Florida area or are back home. Many non-Floridian clients bond out or are released and head back home before their case has been resolved – that’s okay too. We have help people from a distance get through these things many times.

Although we cannot guarantee that your return won’t be necessary, we have successfully concluded many cases without the need of appearing in person.

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