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Why The Courts Are Wrong About Calculating HTO Status

The Definition of Habitual Traffic Offender Section 322.264, Florida Statutes, is not a penalizing statute but simply a defining statute. Once a person has been defined as a Habitual Traffic Offender [HTO] by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and…

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Florida Legislature Can’t Cross the Goal Line

The 2015 and 2016 Florida legislatures had very well thought out Bills to expand the ability of people to expunge and seal their criminal history. Neither session was able to bring either bill into law. In 2017, the legislature seems…

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Pedro Gil v. The State of Florida

In 2011, Pedro Gil was issued a citation Driving With A Suspended License. He went to court and pled guilty to the charge on the citation. He was adjudicated guilty and fined. Pedro thought he had done the responsible thing…

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Double-Jeopardy Issues with Suspended License Cases

Just a quick post on double-jeopardy issues with suspended license cases Early on, prior to the¬†Blockberger case, a person could be found guilty of Driving While License Suspended [DWLS] and No Valid Drivers License [NVDL]. Lanier v. State, 226 So.2d…

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